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6 Tips to Improve Store Security Today

If you own or operate a retail store, you know how important security is. Theft due to shoplifting or breaking and entering costs retail stores across the country millions of dollars each year. Theft can also hurt the reputation of your store and leave you a target for future criminals. If your store is known for losing a great deal of merchandise due to theft, customers will instinctively avoid your location and criminals will be attracted to it.

The good news? There is a lot that you can do to improve the security of your business. Here are six things that you can do to make your retail store more secure today.


1-Increase Visibility

Criminals thrive when they cannot be seen. Therefore, you want to eliminate places where they can hide. This is true both inside and outside of your property. Outside your store, add lighting and remove any hazards that criminals could hide behind.

Inside, make sure that it’s easy for staff to see people as they walk throughout the property. Design your store’s layout so that there aren’t places for criminals to hide, such as behind shelves, displays or other items. Shoplifters use these opportunities to slip items into their pocket or bag when they cannot be seen.

2-Have a Safe

Any cash that isn’t being used in a register should be locked in a safe. And all cash should be locked away when your store is closed. One of the first places that criminals head to in a break-in is the register. The next place is often the manager’s office. If you leave cash sitting in the register tray or in a bag on the manager’s desk, you can say goodbye to it if there’s a break-in.

3-Talk to Customers

People are more likely to shoplift when they feel like they aren’t noticed. To let them know that your staff is aware of their presence, greet every person who walks into the store. If someone has been browsing for a long time, ask them if they need assistance. Not only is this good customer service, but it can spook shoplifters who are looking for an opportunity to strike.

4-Use Physical Security

Most break-ins are what is called “Smash and Grab Robberies.” In these crimes, criminals use force to break through doors and windows. They then quickly take valuables and leave the scene before the authorities can respond.

Physical security products, such as security gates, put a barrier between criminals and your property. This makes it significantly more difficult to break into a property, in addition to making the crime much more time-consuming and risky.

5-Protect all Entrances

When you are securing your property, be sure to secure all possible entry points. In addition to front doors and storefront windows, think of any other locations that a criminal could use to enter your store, such as a rear door or side window. These should be secured as well. Consider using double diamond security gates to help keep criminals out.

6-Don’t Tempt Criminals

Many break-ins are crimes of opportunity. Criminals see valuables in a property that does not have proper security and they strike. Don’t give them any ideas. Hide valuables from view when your property is closed for business by relocating them out of store windows and into the store. Place items inside of locked cabinets or behind secure gates, to deter burglars and shoplifters.

Physical security gates also reduce crime because they act as a visual deterrent. When a criminal sees that you have gates installed, he or she will likely move right on to another location.

We have some more helpful tips to improving the security of your business. Download our helpful guide to Improving Your Security Mindset.

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