Holiday Season Retail Security Tips to Prevent Shoplifting

Deterring Shoplifters this Holiday Season The holiday season is rapidly approaching and retailers are getting ready. Unfortunately, one of the things that retailers need to focus on at this time of year is shoplifting. This crime does tend to increase during the holiday season, as criminals take advantage of busier stores and distracted salespeople to […]

How Do I Get Security Gates for my Business?

Everything You Need to Know About Security Gates When it comes to protecting your business, there are many incredible advantages to having security gates installed. Not only do they physically stop criminals from accessing your property, but they also act as strong visual deterrents. Criminals know that gates are effective, so when they see them […]

Back to School Tips That Could Protect Your Business

Security Tips Inspired by The Fall  It’s the fall and that means it’s back to school time! For parents, that means getting used to new routines, rushing around to adapt to new schedules, and making sure everyone wakes up on time. However, even if you’re not a parent of a school-aged child, there are still […]

How Do You Know if Your Business Has Enough Security?

Rating the Security at Your Business One question that many business owners have is “how do you know when your business has enough security?” Of course, much like many security questions, the answer to this one depends on various factors. Each business is unique and, therefore, the security needs of each business are unique as […]

What Criminals Think When They See Security Gates

How Security Gates Can Help Deter Criminals One of the best ways to protect your property is to try to understand criminals. When you have an idea how criminals think, this can help you determine what they look for in a target, and then you can use this knowledge to take action and make your […]

Choosing the Right Security Gates

How to Pick the Right Security Gates for your Business One of the best ways to keep a business safe is by using security gates. Physical security makes it significantly more difficult – and much more time-consuming – for someone to break into a property. This is important because many robberies are what are called […]

How Portable Security Gates Allow for Versatile Protection

The Importance of Flexibility in your Security Tools When it comes to securing your property, one aspect that is often overlooked is flexibility. This means having the ability to customize and modify your security solution with ease, as needed. This doesn’t just refer to the initial customizations that are involved with setting up a security […]

Four Security Flaws That Many Business Owners Completely Overlook

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All Business Owners Should Be Aware of These Security Flaws Business security is important. Many business owners spend a lot of time worrying about security flaws and taking steps to protect their businesses. This makes sense. Theft, vandalism, and other crimes cost businesses millions of dollars each year. The financial losses associated with these crimes […]

Organized Retail Crime Often Increases in the Summer

Stopping Retail Crime This Summer The warm weather is finally here. This means sunshine, relaxation, fun, and maybe even a vacation. However, crime doesn’t take a break just because the summer is here. In fact, certain types of crimes are actually more likely to take place in the summer. One type of crime that becomes […]

Securing your Office

How to Protect your Office from Criminals Owners of retail stores spend a lot of time working on improving security at their properties. However, retail stores aren’t the only locations that criminals target. Office buildings are also common targets for criminals. There are many reasons why. A lot of offices contain valuable electronics, such as […]