Making Changes to your Security Set-Up

Making Sure Your Security is Up-To-Date Security is critical for every business. A crime, such as a break-in, can be chaotic and incredibly detrimental for a business. For example, if a retail store is the victim of a smash and grab robbery, not only could the store potentially lose thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise, […]

Access Control in a Large Property

Controlling Access When You Need To In large properties, such as airports, schools, shopping malls, arenas, and other such facilities, access control isn’t just important, but often crucial. In these properties, large numbers of people are present at any given time. In addition, various different activities happen throughout the day, and these activities often occur […]

Why are Cellular Phone Stores Targeted by Smash and Grab Thieves?

Why are Cellular Stores Highly Targeted by Smash and Grab Thieves? As thieves target cellular stores, it’s becoming very common to read “In the early morning hour” and “officers discovered that a window had been broken and that the business had been burglarized”.  Usually what follows that is: the suspects were seen on surveillance footage. […]

Business Security Tips for Spring

Security Tips that Businesses Should Follow This Spring Spring is here and, while that means better weather and more sunlight, it certainly doesn’t mean an end to crime. It does mean, however, that the nature and timing of potential crimes will change. That’s why it’s a good idea to review your business security plan this […]

Six Tips to Help Make Your Store More Secure Right Now

6 Tips to Improve Store Security Today If you own or operate a retail store, you know how important security is. Theft due to shoplifting or breaking and entering costs retail stores across the country millions of dollars each year. Theft can also hurt the reputation of your store and leave you a target for future […]

How Daylight Savings Time Affects Crime

What Daylight Savings Time Means for Crime Daylight Savings Time (DST) begins on the second Sunday of March, which means that you’ll soon be advancing your clocks an hour ahead, if you are in a region that follows this practice. Most of North America uses Daylight Savings Time during the summer months, so it’s important […]

Why You Should Have Physical Security and an Alarm System

The Importance of having Security Gates as well as an Alarm System One of the most common thoughts that we hear from people is why do you need physical security when you already have an alarm system? After all, your alarm is designed to contact the police directly as soon as a crime takes place, […]

How Physical Security Works Quickly and Effectively

Using Physical Security to Quickly Protect your Property Crime doesn’t announce itself. Criminals don’t tell you that they are going to attempt a break-in at Tuesday night at 11pm, for instance. Criminals strike quickly and without notice. Many crimes, such as smash and grab robberies, are crimes of opportunity. Criminals see an unprotected property and […]

Five Ways to Better Secure Your Business Today

How You Can Improve Business Security Today Sometimes, it’s tempting to consider business security as a large, complicated and confusing task. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case. While large security systems are without a doubt complex and often require several tools working together effectively, that isn’t all that business […]

Winter Security Tips for Businesses

Improving your Business Security This Winter The winter is definitely here and that means it’s time to start tackling winter security challenges. You may not think that security is any different in the winter than it is in the summer, but this certainly isn’t the case. Winter represents several unique challenges that need to be […]