Security for Beauty and Cosmetics Stores

Protecting Cosmetics and Beauty Supply Stores If you own or operate a beauty or cosmetics store, it’s important to keep this location safe. Unfortunately, such stores are often targets for criminals. There are many reasons why, with the main reason being that criminals know these stores contain valuables that they can steal and easily take […]

Keeping your Business Safe During the Summer Months

Important Business Security Tips for Summer The summer months are here and, while this is often a time for relaxation and enjoyment, it’s important to not let your guard down. Criminals know that the hot weather and the overall relaxed attitude that comes with summer often provides them with opportunities to strike. Here are four […]

Business Security from Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

Protecting your Business from Weather Extreme weather conditions and natural disasters can cause significant damage to properties of all types, including businesses. That’s why it’s important to take steps to protect your property – and your business operations – from these situations. One of the first things you should do is ensure that your physical […]

Key Tips to Using Mobile Security for Access Control

How Security Gates Improve Access Control Access control is important for any business. No matter what type of business you run, there will be areas where you do not want members of the general public to go. These could be areas that have sensitive information, they could stock rooms or other areas that contain assets […]

How to Protect Guests and Property at Special Events

Using Security Gates to Protect Special Events Special events – such as concerts, parties, weddings, conferences, and corporate events – require security to keep attendees safe and property secure. There are many types of potential security threats at a large event. Having effective security at an event is crucial. Using security gates is a very […]

Properly Securing Kiosks Inside Shopping Malls

Mall Kiosk Security Tools Mall kiosks are a very popular way for retailers to sell products and services. A kiosk inside a shopping mall has several advantages when compared to an actual store. First of all, kiosks can vary in size, allowing even smaller retailers to get the exposure they need in a large shopping […]

Improving Gun Store Security

How to Improve Security at your Gun Store Every business owner wants to protect their property from criminals. Unfortunately, there are some businesses that are more common targets for criminals than others. One of these common targets is gun stores. There are many reasons why gun stores are frequently struck by criminals. One of the […]

How Folding Security Gates Can Help Deter Crime

  Using Folding Security Gates to Protect Your Business Folding security gates are an excellent way to keep your business property safe. They place a strong and visible barrier between criminals and your business. This is important because, not only do the gates keep criminals out, but the fact that they are visible lets criminals […]

How Security Gates Help Gas Stations Stay Secure

Protecting your Gas Station with Physical Security Gates Gas stations are frequent targets for criminals. There are many reasons why, including that they are open late at night, that they are sometimes located in areas where there aren’t many other businesses, and that they carry items that are valuable to criminals. Thieves searching for lottery […]

How to Have Strong Business Security While Still Welcoming Customers

Keeping a Business Safe and Looking Great One primary concern that many business owners have is the worry that adding security tools to their business will make it look unwelcoming to customers. Businesses, from retail stores to offices, want to be inviting and they don’t want to scare potential customers off with imposing security or […]