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Using Physical Security to Quickly Protect your Property

Crime doesn’t announce itself. Criminals don’t tell you that they are going to attempt a break-in at Tuesday night at 11pm, for instance. Criminals strike quickly and without notice. Many crimes, such as smash and grab robberies, are crimes of opportunity. Criminals see an unprotected property and they strike quickly.

Therefore, it’s important that your property has security that is capable of handling such sudden crime.

One of the best way to secure a location quickly and easily is by using physical security gates. These gates can be installed by a professional with relative ease and can be keyed alike so that the same key opens all gates. This makes opening and closing the gates simple.

When your business is open, the gates can simply be folded or rolled away, leaving your property unobstructed. However, when closed for business, the gates can be quickly and easily locked in place, putting a physical barrier between criminals and your property.

Using Mobile Security Gates

For locations such as shopping malls, airports, food courts, or public places such as schools and museums, trust mobile security gates to offer the physical security that is needed to stop criminals. Mobile security gates make it easy to block off an area, large or small, within just a few moments.

These gates are commonly used for crowd control, inventory control, and for blocking off a portion of a location while keeping the rest of the building accessible.

Since mobile security gates can be set up and locked in place very quickly, they give you incredible flexibility. This allows you to quickly place a physical barrier nearly anywhere, which is perfect for dealing with sudden or unexpected situations that may arise.

Security Gates and Civil Unrest

One situation where mobile security gates and other physical security tools come in handy is situations of civil unrest. Large protests, demonstrations, rallies, and celebrations (such as once that often follow sporting events) can happen without notice. While the vast majority of public demonstrations and celebrations are peaceful, it does not take much for these events to quickly get out of hand.

Whenever you are dealing with a large number of people in a public place, it only takes a small percentage of those in attendance to turn a peaceful gathering into a disruptive and possibly violent one. This is especially true in situations where emotions may be running high.

An unruly or unorganized crowd can result in property damage, vandalism, theft and many other serious issues. In these situations, local law enforcement and security teams may be overwhelmed by the size of the crowd. They also many prioritize the safety of individuals over the security of properties and focus on restoring order as quickly as possible, rather than looking to reduce property crime.

Therefore, it’s important to secure your property with physical security gates.

Gates can very quickly be locked into place, securing a location. By placing a physical barrier at your property, you secure your business and also ensure the safety of any staff members or customers that may be inside your property at the time of the unrest.

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