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How to effectively use mobile access control trolleys at arenas, warehouses, shopping malls, and any other large space. 

Mobile security gates

Access Control Challenges that Mobile Security Gates Solve

One of the biggest challenges that large venues have is that it’s difficult to keep track of people and to prevent them from going into restricted or sensitive areas. At a warehouse, this could mean keeping people away from dangerous materials while at a shopping mall the challenge could be preventing access to stores or kiosks that are closed for business. Mobile security gates make it easy to quickly and effectively restrict access to an area, no matter its size. Since the gates can be easily unlocked and re-positioned as needed, they can be adjusted and moved around to adapt to changing conditions. This makes them an excellent tool for securing properties like airports or arenas. These venues must modify their security set-ups throughout the day to account for changes in crowd size, the type of event being held, etc. Using mobile trolleys for access control doesn’t just make these adjustments possible, but it makes them easy as well.

Physical security doesn’t just keep people
out of an area, it also provides a cost-effective solution. Using security
guards, for example, can get quite expensive as you need to have guards on hand
at all times to be effective. Alarm systems and surveillance cameras can help
with security, but these tools don’t actually restrict access. Someone will
need to respond to a trouble condition when it’s noticed, and this is both
expensive and inefficient. Plus, these services typically require monthly
monitoring fees.

When you use mobile trolleys for access control, there are no monthly fees. In fact, these tools require very little maintenance and will function for years without hassle or issue. That makes them a good choice for nearly any property.

How to Use Mobile Trolleys for Access Control

Large venues such as office buildings, shopping malls, airports, warehouses, arenas, and other such facilities require effective access control. These venues can be quite a challenge to secure, not only due to their large size but because of their unique layouts. Each shopping mall, arena, office, and airport is different and that means a flexible security solution is needed. That solution is using mobile trolleys for access control.

Mobile gates are an excellent way to keep nearly any property safe. They are durable, easy to use, and can be configured in a wide variety of ways, so they’ll work at almost any location. It’s just as common to see mobile trolleys for access control in a warehouse or factory as it is to see them in a shopping mall or sports arena. They’re such a versatile solution that they work no matter the conditions.

The Benefits of Physical Security

As mentioned, tools like alarm systems or security cameras don’t keep people out of an area. They simply notify people to a crime in progress and gather evidence as it happens. Physical security gates, on the other hand, form a strong physical and visual barrier that prevents access. Not only do they keep people from entering a restricted area, but everyone can easily tell that a location is off limits as soon as they see the gates. This prevents confusion and keeps customers and visitors happier and safer.

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