Mobile Access Control for Large Spaces

How to effectively use mobile access control trolleys at arenas, warehouses, shopping malls, and any other large space.  Access Control Challenges that Mobile Security Gates Solve One of the biggest challenges that large venues have is that it’s difficult to keep track of people and to prevent them from going into restricted or sensitive areas. […]

Xpanda Launches a New Guide to Protecting Businesses with Physical Security

Xpanda Launches a New Guide to Protecting Businesses with Physical Security

New Guide Explains How Strong Visual and Physical Protection is Crucial for After-Hours Security Xpanda is a North American leader in the manufacture, supply, and installation of security gates and related products. With 24 years of experience at keeping businesses of all sizes and types secure, Xpanda’s mission is to provide the best protection for […]

Loading Dock Safety Gate Security Tips

How to Secure Your Warehouse with Loading Dock Safety Gates Warehouses are frequent targets for criminals. They often have many valuables inside and, since staff at these facilities tend to be very busy, there isn’t always someone watching to make sure nothing is stolen. When you add in the fact that many warehouses keep their […]

Security Gates Offer Safety as well as Security

Improving Safety with Security Gates When most people think of security gates, they think of keeping criminals out of their property. This makes sense as security gates are incredibly useful at protecting your property from criminals. However, gates don’t just serve as protection against smash and grab robberies and other crimes. Security gates can also […]

Preparing your Business for Civil Unrest & Other Sudden Crimes

Emergency Preparedness for Civil Disorder, Protests & Demonstrations As a business owner, it is important that you prepare your property and your staff for all potential threats. Civil unrest, protests and riots can seriously disrupt business, cause damage property and be very costly for your business. Much like how you would take steps to protect […]

Improving Warehouse Security with Security Gates & More

Improving Warehouse Security Warehouses are common targets for criminals. There are a number of reasons for this. One is because warehouses contain a great deal of valuables. One of the most valuable aspects of a warehouse is that most contain merchandise in its original packaging. This is incredibly valuable to criminals as they can easily […]

Using Industrial Security Gates to Protect Warehouse Shipping Doors

How Industrial Security Gates Secure Shipping Doors Are your warehouse shipping doors secure? This is a question that many warehouse owners and operators may not have ever asked themselves. However, it’s certainly an important question that needs to be answered. Shipping door security is vital for a number of reasons. Criminals often target shipping doors […]

The Importance of Using Physical Security in Addition to Security Cameras

Many retail stores, offices and other commercial properties have security cameras installed. There is good reason for this. Video surveillance cameras provide a valuable service and are a part of a strong security system. However, they are just one part. Unfortunately, many people feel that they can install only one type of security and that […]

Mobile Security Gates vs. Fixed Security Gates

The Differences between Mobile Security Gates & Fixed Security Gates One decision that many people have to make when it comes to security gates is the choice between mobile security gates and fixed security gates. Many businesses wonder about the differences between these two types of gates and aren’t quite sure which kinds of gates […]