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How Mobile Security Gates Help Enforce Social Distancing Due to Coronavirus

Even as America slowly goes back to work, precautions must still be taken due to the COVID-19. This means continuing to practice social distancing, limiting the number of people allowed inside properties and functions, and taking other precautions to keep everyone safe.

Once stores, restaurants, casino’s, shopping malls, arenas, and other such businesses start reopening, safety and security will remain incredibly important. While the severe restrictions that have been put in place due to the coronavirus will likely be eased slowly, it will take a long time for things to return to “normal.”

This means that businesses and other public areas will need to keep taking precautions to protect staff, customers, and visitors.

How Mobile Security Gates Restrict Crowd Size and Access

It is important that retailers and other businesses limit the number of customers or visitors that are allowed into their properties during these times. With fewer people in a business, social distancing is easier to enforce. This keeps people safer and allows a business to comply with regulations from governments and health agencies.

Mobile security gates can be used to restrict access to a property or control access to certain areas of a business.

Security guards and staff members may also be used for this purpose, but guards are very expensive to employ. Plus, enforcing capacity restrictions or social distancing with staff or guards means that these people will have to come into close contact with customers. This may not be comfortable and might expose people to unnecessary health risks.

By using mobile security gates, not only are you keeping people safe, but you are also employing a cost-effective and flexible solution. Gates can easily be set up in a variety of different locations and moved and adjusted with ease. This makes them a smart solution for businesses of all types and sizes.

Using Mobile Security Gates to Protect Employees

Employees need to be protected during these times. Mobile security gates and security gates on trolleys can be used to keep those working behind food and beverage counters, kiosks, and other such locations safe. By placing gates in between customers and staff, a business can enforce social distancing guidelines and improve the health and safety of everyone involved.

Mobile gates can easily be adjusted as needed, ensuring that your business complies with health regulations and does not put anyone at unreasonable risk while maintaining flexibility for your business.

Why Physical Security Works

Physical security gates are an effective way to restrict access and enforce social distancing. They form a strong barrier that is not only physically impossible to bypass, but one that serves as a visual reminder as well. While signage and other tools can be used to remind people of social distancing guidelines, gates are an unmistakable way to let people know which areas they should not be entering. This makes it much easier for companies to enforce guidelines and improve the safety of visitors, customers, and staff.

Using mobile security gates and other physical tools will allow a business to keep operating during these unprecedented times.

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