Xpanda safety barriers made of tubular steel diamond pattern retractable gate systems mounted to mobile trolley systems. With available heights up to 98”, make these ideal to protect dangerous areas from potential hazards.

From open pits, elevated structures, to moving machinery, these Xpanda safety systems can be set up in any configuration, with no length limitations. Restricting access to machinery or sensitive areas is made simple. These easy to maneuver, portable safety barrier systems will allow full access to machinery when needed but restricts access when you need it most.

industrial sensitive product confinement safety barrier
safety barriers stacked

Mobile Safety Barriers for Where You Need Them

Portable safety barriers can be used for many applications, in manufacturing, warehousing for permanent or temporary safety and  access control solutions. Helping  prevent accidental  falls, or preventing injury from moving machinery.

The benefit of our barriers are that they easily roll and lock where and when you need it.

mobile machine safety shield
tight diamond safety barriers

elevated safety barrier

Use a Mobile Industrial Safety Barrier to protect:

  • Robotic arms
  • Large machinery
  • Coiling machines
  • Conveyor belt systems
  • Open pits or lifts
  • Jobs in progress
  • Designated areas
  • Or access control for security and safety reasons.

Make sure you’re taking the right safety precautions for your situation.

Wondering whether a mobile safety barrier is the right solution for your business? The answers you need are just a phone call away – contact us now and let us explain your different safety barrier options complete with the best applications and delivery times.

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robot area mobile safety barrier
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