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Many retail stores, offices and other commercial properties have security cameras installed. There is good reason for this. Video surveillance cameras provide a valuable service and are a part of a strong security system. However, they are just one part.

Unfortunately, many people feel that they can install only one type layering security blogof security and that this will be enough to protect their property. Sadly, this isn’t true. Installing JUST security cameras or just an alarm system does not provide your location with the type of security that it needs. It’s crucial that you layer your security options and that you include physical security tools. By only using a single type of security technology, such as just surveillance cameras, you are leaving holes in your security set-up. Criminals will exploit those holes and use these weaknesses to break into your property.

Different security technology has different purposes. An alarm system alerts you of a break-in. A security camera provides you with information about the crime that could help you catch those who did it. A physical security solution, such as a security gate, puts a barrier between the criminal and your valuables.

As you can see, having a strong combination of all three security tools is the key to properly protecting your property.

Strength of Security Gates

There are a number of reasons why security gates are vital to a security solution. In order to discuss their advantages, it’s important to understand the different types of physical security that are available.

A popular type of physical security is a storefront security gate. These gates are secured and protect the front windows and doors of a location, such as a retail store. They deter criminals from smashing your windows and breaking into your property.

Window and door gates don’t just provide physical protection, they also act as a visual deterrent. Criminals know that it is significantly more difficult and more time consuming to break into a property when these gates are installed. For this reason, they often avoid striking properties that are equipped with physical security. It simply isn’t worth it to them.

Security gates can also be used inside a property to protect valuable areas of the business. For example, you can have security gates installed to protect your stock room, your office’s server room or any other area that contains valuables or critical infrastructure. By locking these areas behind security gates, you are making them more difficult for criminals to access and taking an important step towards protecting your property.

One of the key benefits of security gates is that they work before a crime has been committed. Both alarm systems and security cameras are primarily beneficial after a crime has already taken place. A security gate or other physical security tool makes it more difficult to break into a property in the first place, reducing the likelihood of a crime happening at all.

By layering security and by ensuring that you have a physical security solution in place, you are reducing the likelihood of your property becoming a target for a criminal.

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