Solving Airport Security and Event Access Control Issues

Airports and large events have many of the same security concerns. One aspect they have in common is access control. There are many different reasons why you would want to restrict access at a property. You may wish to keep the public out of a staging area which is meant for staff only. You may wish to close down certain areas of a property while keeping others open. These concerns are magnified at large events and airports due to the number of people present. In most cases, security in such locations will be dealing with thousands of people. It becomes quite difficult to control crowds of this size effectively.  See photos of airport access control security gates.

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Airport Security Gates

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Challenges with Access Control at Airports and Events

The large crowds are one of the main concerns with airport security and public events. Due to the size of the crowd, it is often not practical for security guards or even surveillance cameras to monitor everyone effectively. There is no cost-effective way to ensure that every person will be monitored and directed by a security guard.

Another concern is time. In many cases, truly effective security must be balanced with time. After all, special events are scheduled to start at specific times and, if security slows down the crowd considerably, many will be late for the event and may even miss it entirely. This is obviously far from optimal.

Time is an even greater concern at an airport. Flights are scheduled to the exact minute. Having a lengthy and time-consuming security process either leads to delayed flights, missed flights, or both.

Due to the fact that time is so crucial, many events and even airports find themselves sacrificing effective security in order to make sure that the process does not take too much time. Security guards may conduct less thorough inspections in order to speed up the crowd or they may concern themselves with time rather than effectively restricting access.

Many venues and airports are reluctant to place additional security solutions due to issues with bottlenecks. When large crowds are forced to work their way through a series of small openings (due to security concerns, screenings, etc.) this creates slowdowns. It also causes frustration among the public.

Another concern for both public events and airports is that security solutions need to be adaptable. Areas at airports often open and close at various time throughout the day. Kiosks at public event spaces may be open for one event and closed for another. A larger than expected crowd could necessitate opening up more of the venue and a smaller crowd could cause an additional need for security to close down certain areas. Airports often need to make significant security adjustments depending on the time of day, the number of flights scheduled, specific security concerns, etc.

Security Solutions

One major solution to many of the above security issues comes in the form of physical security gates. Security gates can effectively be used at properties both large and small (even at locations as large as an international airport) to restrict access and ensure safety.

When used properly, security gates alleviate many of the common problems associated with security at large venues.

Large venue security

  • Security gates are a form of physical security, meaning that they not only work to secure an area, but they also work as a visual deterrent. Fewer security guards are needed to protect an area when physical security gates are in place.
  • This means that your guards can instead focus on delivering consistent and effective security.
  • Mobile security gates can be adjusted quickly and easily, in order to adapt to changing security concerns.
  • This not only means that you can open and close areas of a property as needed, but you can also open sections of gates to accommodate a larger crowd and reduce bottlenecks if necessary.
  • Physical security gates also immediately let people know which areas they are restricted from entering. These visual clues speed up the security process.

By effectively utilizing physical security tools and by choosing mobile gates that can be adjusted quickly and easily, you can increase security at your event or airport without causing unnecessary delays or being faced with very high staffing costs.

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