Security Gate Locking Systems

Xpanda offers many different locking systems on our retractable security gate systems.  Our patented tamper proof slam lock is a popular option for our window security gates, while our mortise cylinder lock with thumb turn compliments our heavy duty duty double diamond security gates.  Our newest arrival is the ADA Lever Lock, which we use on our front entry security gates.  Our mortise cylinder locks can be keyed by your locksmith to match your storefront keys.

ADA security gate houston

ADA Lever Lock, Bi-Parting Security Gates

ADA security gates California

ADA Thumb Turn on Bi Parting Security Gates

lever lock California

Lever Lock with Bi-Parting 77″ x 98″ Security Gates

security gate lock post

Locking Post, Hook Latch, Thumb Turn For Security Gate

black security gate

Black Security Gate, Cyl to Cyl on Lock Post

ADA security gates

Gray Security Gates, With ADA Lever Lock

window security atlanta

Black Slam Lock
Security Gate

security gates Chicago

Slam Lock For Security Gate

locking systems

Bi-Parting Security Gates, Slam Lock

slam lock

Slam Lock Components


ADA Lever Locking System Attached to Security Gates


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