Security Gates for Electronic Stores

In addition to shipping and installing across the USA, Canada, and Mexico, Xpanda proudly offers a 2-year warranty.  With four powder coated color options to choose from, Xpanda security gates are aesthetically pleasing with the highest of quality.

electronics store window gates

Bi-Parting White 98″ High Security Gates

electronic store window security

Heavy Duty Double Diamond Entry Gates With Transom Window Bars

electronic store window protection

Storefront Secured With 80″ High Security Gates

sliding door security gates

80″ High Powder Coated White Security Gates

front door security gates

80″ High Powder Coated White Gates Stacked Position

front door protection electronic stores

Bi-Parting 96″ W With Mortise Cylinder Lock

electronics store security gates houston

Heavy Duty DD Security Gate

security gates Orlando

White 98″ H Security Gates

security gates St Louis

Retractable Gates, Slam Lock, Locking Post

electronic store security gates

Fully Framed Retractable Gates

retail security gates dallas

TMax Top Track Security Gates

security gates slam lock

Bi-Parting Security Window Gates With Slam Lock

security gate lock post

Locking Post, Hook Latch, Thumb Turn For Security Gate


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