Pawn Shop Security Gates

Pawn shops contain valuables that are frequently targeted by criminals. Since most pawn shops contain a wide variety of different merchandise, criminals often look to these shops when they are hoping to commit crimes. They can find just about anything that they are looking for in a pawn shop and most of these items are small, easy to carry and even more difficult to track once they’ve left the store.  See photos of Pawn Shop security gates.

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Pawn Shop security gates

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Why Are Pawn Shops Targeted?

Criminals often hit pawn shops looking for cash along with jewelry, electronics, sporting equipment and many other items. For these reasons, it’s important that pawn shop owners take steps to protect themselves and their properties from criminals.

One common type of crime that unfortunately happens at many pawn shops is the smash and grab robbery. This type of crime is exactly what it sounds like. Criminals smash through the doors or windows of a location, grab whatever they can get and leave the scene as quickly as possible. These crimes are common at pawn shops because most of the valuables in these locations are small enough that they can be easily carried from the store.

These crimes happen all across the country and especially in large urban centers such as Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix and other such regions.
When a criminal strikes a location with a smash and grab robbery, that criminal leaves chaos behind. Broken windows, damaged doors, ruined display cases and other significant damage will greet the owner when he or she arrives on scene. Not only will the store owner then be forced to spend a lot of money on repairs and security upgrades, but the store may even need to be closed for a period of time. This leads to lost business. Plus, not only is a robbery costly, but dealing with police, repair people and insurance companies takes time as well. This is a hassle that you do not need.

Many pawn shop security plans have the tools in place that owners hope will prevent crimes. However, these tools are often ineffective for a smash and grab robbery. Smash and grab robberies happen quickly. Most are over in minutes. Some last only a few seconds. Due to the speed of these crimes, there is no time for police or security guards to respond to an alarm. The criminals are long gone before anyone gets there.

While video surveillance cameras can help identify criminals, many criminals cover their faces with masks, scarves or hoods in order to make it more difficult to identify them. Plus, this footage only helps after the fact. The crime and the damage to your store has already taken place.

In order to protect your pawn shop from crime, it’s crucial that you utilize a layered security solution that includes pawn shop security gates.

Using Physical Security Gates to Protect Pawn Shops

Security gates place a physical barrier between your property and the criminals. These tools slow down their progress, eliminating one of the key aspects of a smash and grab robbery: Speed. If a criminal needs to spend a long time trying to disable or get through your security gates, he or she is much more likely to be caught in the act.

For this reason, many criminals avoid properties that have security gates installed. They don’t want the hassle or risk. Instead, they’d rather head to another property where they can quickly break through a window without needing special tools, skills or a lot of time.

The fact that security gates deter criminals is an advantage that they hold over types of security such as window film. While window film also makes it more difficult to break into a property, it is not visible. Therefore, it does not stop criminals from trying. They’ll likely still try to break through your window and cause significant damage before realizing that window film has been installed.

However, unlike other security tools such as fixed window bars, pawn shop security gates can be rolled or folded out of sight while your pawn shop is open. This keeps your business looking inviting to customers during business hours, while still scaring criminals away when your store is closed and the gates are securely locked.

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