These gates are generally made of solid or perforated aluminum slats. The slats run inside of a rail on each side and roll up into an overhead box. The gates can be motorized, hand cranked or spring loaded. Roll down shutters are usually installed on the outside of the store. They are also available in open-grille style for indoors.

Some gates are hurricane-rated, which is ideal for stores that are located in areas affected by bad weather.

There are some limitations with roll down shutters regarding heights and widths of single units. These should be discussed with a professional consultant. Roll down gates can be costly, require exact dimensions and should be installed by trained professionals

Can We Meet Your Security Needs? The Answer is a Definite Yes!

Today more than ever before, we need physical security at our retail stores, plants, warehouses, sporting events, shopping malls, and even our homes and cottages to protect us against burglary and vandalism, or even just for peace of mind. Many pre-existing structures have upgraded their security and new buildings are now inclusive of designs that incorporate reliable security.

Xpanda retractable security gates, roll down shutters and aluminum grilles meet the demands of the most common security threats. Whether you are interested in shutters, grilles or gates, all of our designs are specifically created to seamlessly integrate into your property and your way of life. Unobtrusive, attractive and easy to operate, Our products are not bolted on as an afterthought but rather designed, manufactured and installed to complement the building.