Quality tubular scissor style security gates for storefront protection, warehouse security and safety applications.

  • Lattice 1/2″x 1/2″ tubular  18 gauge steel, cold rolled sections, with a carbon content Of 0.60% to ensure maximum strength and rigidity
  • Channels 16 gauge Steel sections hot rolled into U-channels with a carbon content of 0.10 % for superior Strength.
  • Rivets Aluminum alloy with a 3.5% Manganese content for maximum strength. and wear ability
  • Fittings All moving parts and components are made from glass filled Nylon 6 and at-Metal on metal wear points
  • Finish Products are Polyester coated using top quality Polyester powder with UV resistant capability. The electrostatic process is used to ensure consistent coverage.
  • Colors available Black, White, Gray and safety Yellow
  • Warranty Warranty is 12 months. On normal wear & tear

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