Heavy Duty Retractable Security Gates

Xpanda’s heavy duty double diamond security gates offer maximum durability with additional steel tubing creating a smaller lattice pattern.  The heavy duty retractable security gates diamond pattern allows for a mortise cylinder thumb turn or ADA lever lock for your man door or front entry door security gates.   These gates can also be used for ventilation as well as a deterrent to crime to keep unwanted intruders out.  Xpanda security gates come with a two-year warranty with four different color options; black, white, gray and safety yellow.

man door security gate

Safety Yellow Double Diamond Man Door Security Gate

security gates for warehouse

Yellow Double Diamond With Thumb Turn

shipping door security gate

TMax Security Gate 10′ x 10′

dock door security gate

Bi Parting Heavy Duty Double Diamond Security Gates with Locking Posts.

heavy duty retractable security gates

Heavy Duty Double Diamond Security Gate 36 x 80 H With Lock Post

industrial hallway gates

Hallway Security Gate in Stacked Position

hallway security gates

Expanded Hallway Security Gate

hospital security gate

Hallway Security Gates Stacked & Secured


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