Security for Pop-Up Shops

Pop-Up Shops or Flash Retailing is trending, opening a short term sales space and then disappear.

The problem with these temporary retail stores is, how to secure them. Security can be difficult as landlords will not allow changes to their space. Or if it’s a temporary kiosk type of business in a large venue, airport or trade show,it may be difficult to secure due to layout, or space available.

Opportunistic thieves thrive off unsecured retail outlets, they need to see a visual physical barrier. Xpanda has the temporary, portable or mobile security solutions for pop-up shops whether street side or kiosk.

Easy to use fold away security gates that can be completely portable and Mobile, unlimited uses very versatile and cost effective.

Only using the locations for a limited time? Simply take the unit with you and re use at another location. Our unique quick connect system allow you to set up or take down a security set up in minutes.


pop-up shop security for front doors

How Physical Security Products Protect Pop-Up Retailers

Storefront windows and doors are often the point of entry when a Smash and Grab style robbery occurs. Smashing through the glass with any object to gain entry, quickly grab the merchandise and run out. Thieves look for easy targets, no cameras, no alarms nothing to prevent them from taking the chance.

Xpanda portable / mobile Security security gate systems provides both the physical and visual deterrence you need to warn off opportunistic criminals. Using our standard powder coated tubular steel scissor style gates on quick connect mobile trolley system, make set up and use easy and secure.

Heavy-duty casters allow you to roll them away when not in use, completely out of sight during operating hours, and simply roll back when needed. Standard height of gates are 79” or 98” high.

Unlimited links allow for unrestricted lengths, sections can be locked together with our unique Slam Lock or mortise cylinder locking posts.

mobile security
pop up shop at Sweco Park
mobile security gates
easy to use security gates

To better assist you please contact us and discuss your specific needs, or email us and include a sketch, drawing or pictures of the areas you need secured.

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