Inventory Protection Security Gates

Xpanda can provide security for your inventory within your warehouse.  Whether your inventory may be of high value, or of restricted or dangerous type, our inventory protection security gates can keep your inventory secured and available to only those who have a key.  The lattice style holes enable you to see the product behind them, while still ensuring the security of the inventory behind them.  Our inventory protection security gates come with a two-year warranty.

security cages

Bi-Parting 77″ x 98″ Security Gates

Inventory security gates

Fold Away Security Gates In Stacking Position

storage security gates

Retractable Security Gates for storage shelving

tool cage security gates

Security Cage with Bi Parting Foldaway Gates & Double Locking Post

security gates for industrial tools

Security Cage With Bi Parting Gates

industrial shelving gates

Security Gates for Industrial Shelving

inventory control security gates

Inventory Protection Gates
For Warehouse

inventory protection gates

Security Gates For Access Control

inventory protection security gates

Retractable Security Gates For Industrial Racking


Industrial Racking Inventory Protection Flyer


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