Mobile Access Control for Large Spaces

How to effectively use mobile access control trolleys at arenas, warehouses, shopping malls, and any other large space.  Access Control Challenges that Mobile Security Gates Solve One of the biggest challenges that large venues have is that it’s difficult to keep track of people and to prevent them from going into restricted or sensitive areas. […]

Protecting Pop-Up Retailers

Pop-up retail kiosks inside larger stores are becoming increasingly popular. Find out how to keep these stores secure with mobile security gates and physical protection Using Mobile Security Gates to Secure Pop-Up Retailers The retail landscape is changing. One way it’s evolving is that smaller “pop-up” retailers and brand kiosks inside larger retail stores are […]

Xpanda Launches a New Guide to Protecting Businesses with Physical Security

Xpanda Launches a New Guide to Protecting Businesses with Physical Security

New Guide Explains How Strong Visual and Physical Protection is Crucial for After-Hours Security Xpanda is a North American leader in the manufacture, supply, and installation of security gates and related products. With 24 years of experience at keeping businesses of all sizes and types secure, Xpanda’s mission is to provide the best protection for […]

How Portable Security Gates Allow for Versatile Protection

The Importance of Flexibility in your Security Tools When it comes to securing your property, one aspect that is often overlooked is flexibility. This means having the ability to customize and modify your security solution with ease, as needed. This doesn’t just refer to the initial customizations that are involved with setting up a security […]

Access Control in a Large Property

Controlling Access When You Need To In large properties, such as airports, schools, shopping malls, arenas, and other such facilities, access control isn’t just important, but often crucial. In these properties, large numbers of people are present at any given time. In addition, various different activities happen throughout the day, and these activities often occur […]

How Physical Security Works Quickly and Effectively

Using Physical Security to Quickly Protect your Property Crime doesn’t announce itself. Criminals don’t tell you that they are going to attempt a break-in at Tuesday night at 11pm, for instance. Criminals strike quickly and without notice. Many crimes, such as smash and grab robberies, are crimes of opportunity. Criminals see an unprotected property and […]

The Unique Challenges & Solutions of Securing a Large Venue

How to Secure an Airport, Arena or other Large Venue There are many unique challenges that come with securing a large venue such as an airport, sporting arena, shopping mall or other such building. These large facilities have many different areas, each with different security levels, operating hours and other variables to consider. For example, […]

Mobile Security Gates and Airport Security

Improving Airport Security with Physical Tools When it comes to airport security, many people think of metal detectors, security guards and cameras. While these are all important aspects of airport security, physical security tool (such as mobile security gates) is also an incredibly important part of keeping an airport, or any large public area, safe. […]