Hallway Access Control for Schools

Security gates are excellent tools for hallway access control at schools, offices, and many other buildings. The Importance of Hallway Access Control Access control is critical in nearly every property. No building wants to let strangers, visitors, or even invited guests wander around their location with free access to the entire facility. This is how […]

Security Cages Keep Valuable Inventory Safe

Protecting Retail Assets with Security Cages Security cages provide effective and affordable security for retail stores and other properties, allowing you to protect merchandise, inventory, and other assets. These physical tools make it easy to secure items and keep them out of the hands of criminals, but still convenient for authorized persons to access them […]

Loading Dock Safety Gate Security Tips

How to Secure Your Warehouse with Loading Dock Safety Gates Warehouses are frequent targets for criminals. They often have many valuables inside and, since staff at these facilities tend to be very busy, there isn’t always someone watching to make sure nothing is stolen. When you add in the fact that many warehouses keep their […]

How Physical Security Works Quickly and Effectively

Using Physical Security to Quickly Protect your Property Crime doesn’t announce itself. Criminals don’t tell you that they are going to attempt a break-in at Tuesday night at 11pm, for instance. Criminals strike quickly and without notice. Many crimes, such as smash and grab robberies, are crimes of opportunity. Criminals see an unprotected property and […]

How Do You Protect Your Business During Protests and Demonstrations?

Securing your Property during Protests and Demonstrations It seems like it’s impossible to turn on the TV these days without seeing a protest or demonstration taking place. While the vast majority of these gatherings are peaceful, some are not. In addition, it often doesn’t take much for a peaceful protest to turn dangerous. Large groups […]

Security Threats Other Than Smash and Grab Robberies

Smash and Grab Robberies Aren’t the Only Security Threat On this blog, we often spend time focusing on how to protect properties from smash and grab robberies. For many reasons, this makes sense. After all, smash and grabs are some of the most common crimes. They affect businesses of all types and sizes and in […]

The Unique Challenges & Solutions of Securing a Large Venue

How to Secure an Airport, Arena or other Large Venue There are many unique challenges that come with securing a large venue such as an airport, sporting arena, shopping mall or other such building. These large facilities have many different areas, each with different security levels, operating hours and other variables to consider. For example, […]

Security And Access Control for Schools and Public Places

How Security Gates Provide Access Control at Public Places There are a number of reasons why you would want to prevent unwanted access at a school or public place. It could be due to a threat of violence. It could be for reasons of confidentiality. It could be because you do not want people walking […]

Mobile Security Gates and Airport Security

Improving Airport Security with Physical Tools When it comes to airport security, many people think of metal detectors, security guards and cameras. While these are all important aspects of airport security, physical security tool (such as mobile security gates) is also an incredibly important part of keeping an airport, or any large public area, safe. […]

Security Gates Offer Safety as well as Security

Improving Safety with Security Gates When most people think of security gates, they think of keeping criminals out of their property. This makes sense as security gates are incredibly useful at protecting your property from criminals. However, gates don’t just serve as protection against smash and grab robberies and other crimes. Security gates can also […]