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Security for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores is Critical

Gas stations and other convenience stores
are frequent targets for criminals. There are many reasons why. These retail stores often contain many small yet valuable items that criminals want, they often have a lot of cash on hand, and they frequently have only a small number of staff members working. However, one of the main reasons that these stores are often struck by criminals is because many of them sell cigarettes and

These items are valuable to criminals for many reasons. One is that they are small, lightweight, and easy to carry. This means a criminal doesn’t need a large group or a huge truck to steal a considerable amount of merchandise. Another reason these items are popular targets is because they are valuable. Not only can criminals use them themselves, but the products are also difficult to trace once they leave the
store and they can sell for a significant profit on the black market.

Since these items are common targets, it’s important to take steps to protect them. Here is how you can secure your convenience store or gas station from criminals.

Control Sightlines

Criminals like to work where they can’t be seen. They also frequently use the element of surprise to their advantage. Make sure that you don’t give them anywhere to hide. Clear shelves, signage, posters, etc. out of the way so staff can always see who is inside and outside the store. Make sure that anyone lurking around the store can be seen from the street as well. If a criminal believes that a passing car can see them committing a crime, they’ll be much less likely to do it.

Use Lighting

To make it even harder for criminals to hide, make sure you install lighting on the exterior of your retail store. This is especially true at gas stations, as these businesses are often located in remote areas. Criminals don’t want to be caught in the act, and they know that lighting increases their chances of being seen committing a crime. Lighting
also improves the quality of surveillance camera footage.

You may wish to consider using motion-activated lights. This can save you in energy costs and such lights may also catch criminals off-guard, scaring them into leaving a property.

Install Physical Security

Physical security gates are one of the best ways to deter criminals from attacking a property. That’s because, unlike other tools, gates put a barrier between your location and criminals who wish to commit crimes. Alarm systems alert police or security teams, surveillance cameras record footage, and lighting make it harder for criminals to hide, but these tools don’t physically keep criminals out. Security gates do.

Not only does physical security protect against smash and grab robberies (which are some of the most common crimes at convenience stores and gas stations) but it also reduces the risk of shoplifting. Items like cigarettes and alcohol can be locked behind gates inside the store, which make it much more difficult for someone to slide them into a bag or pocket without being noticed.

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