Security Cages Keep Valuable Inventory Safe

Protecting Retail Assets with Security Cages Security cages provide effective and affordable security for retail stores and other properties, allowing you to protect merchandise, inventory, and other assets. These physical tools make it easy to secure items and keep them out of the hands of criminals, but still convenient for authorized persons to access them […]

Xpanda Launches a New Guide to Protecting Businesses with Physical Security

Xpanda Launches a New Guide to Protecting Businesses with Physical Security

New Guide Explains How Strong Visual and Physical Protection is Crucial for After-Hours Security Xpanda is a North American leader in the manufacture, supply, and installation of security gates and related products. With 24 years of experience at keeping businesses of all sizes and types secure, Xpanda’s mission is to provide the best protection for […]

Loading Dock Safety Gate Security Tips

How to Secure Your Warehouse with Loading Dock Safety Gates Warehouses are frequent targets for criminals. They often have many valuables inside and, since staff at these facilities tend to be very busy, there isn’t always someone watching to make sure nothing is stolen. When you add in the fact that many warehouses keep their […]

How to secure your retail store

How to secure your retail store. Smash and grab robberies happen quick and often, regardless of how safe we feel our area may be. I wanted to explain some ways of how to secure your retail store. Opportunistic thieves look for a quick and easy score, stealing items for self-use, or for the black market […]

Six Tips to Help Make Your Store More Secure Right Now

6 Tips to Improve Store Security Today If you own or operate a retail store, you know how important security is. Theft due to shoplifting or breaking and entering costs retail stores across the country millions of dollars each year. Theft can also hurt the reputation of your store and leave you a target for future […]

The Unique Challenges & Solutions of Securing a Large Venue

How to Secure an Airport, Arena or other Large Venue There are many unique challenges that come with securing a large venue such as an airport, sporting arena, shopping mall or other such building. These large facilities have many different areas, each with different security levels, operating hours and other variables to consider. For example, […]

Why You Need More Than An Alarm System

Improving Security by Going Beyond an Alarm System An alarm system can be a very effective way to help reduce crime and protect your property. However, it isn’t the only form of security that you need. Many business owners mistakenly believe that installing only one type of security is enough to protect their properties. Unfortunately, […]

Why Thieves Should Think Twice About Striking a Property that has Security Gates

How Security Gates Deter Criminals Security gates don’t just make it more difficult for a thief to break into a property, but they also actively deter criminals from considering your property a target. This means that your store, office, warehouse or other location will be safer and your assets will be more secure. But why […]

How Fast is a Smash & Grab Robbery?

Smash and Grabs Take Only Seconds Did you know that you could lose thousands of dollars in just seconds? It’s possible with a smash and grab robbery. This is one of the reasons why smash and grab robberies are so successful and a common choice for criminals. In a smash and grab robbery, a criminal […]

Security And Access Control for Schools and Public Places

How Security Gates Provide Access Control at Public Places There are a number of reasons why you would want to prevent unwanted access at a school or public place. It could be due to a threat of violence. It could be for reasons of confidentiality. It could be because you do not want people walking […]