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Simple Gate Install Guidelines (in Frame)

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The basic premise behind this method of installation is to ensure that as much of the gate workings as possible are hidden from potential intruders. So, after you have unpacked the gate, please note the following:

  • There should be 2 hinges nested in the side channels.
  • The gates have a smooth side and a rivet head side…rivets face inside store.
  • Similarly, once hinges are attached the pin or barrel faces inside store.
  • The gates have no left or right until you start the install process.
  • There will be screws and keys in the parts box.

Step 1:

  • Attach the hinges ½” below and above the 2 slots in the side channels of the gate. The hinges go on the edges, not the face of the channels, so that they are trapped between the gate and window/door frames when locked.
  • Use the flat head screws supplied…these are self drilling & tapping, so no pre-drilling of  holes needed.

Step 2:

  • The caster wheel goes on the bottom corner , opposite the hinge side, such that the “L” bracket wraps under the gate….this centers the wheel under the gate.
  • There are instances where it may be necessary to mount the wheel such that the “L” bracket is on the face of the gate.

Step 3:

  • Now, pick up the gate and walk it over to the frame or post it will be attached to….keeping it compressed. Make a mark on this frame or post with a pencil , and a corresponding mark on the gate (we use the upper edge of the top hinge as a reference point)….then lift the gate 3/8″ above this mark and attach using flat head screws.
  • This is to relieve the pressure on the wheel….the gate will gently settle on the caster wheel as you expand it across the opening and should end up plumb with the opposing frame/post.
  • We recommend putting just 1 screw in each hinge, test, and if all OK, insert the balance of screws.

Step 4:

  • Mount the steel slam lock shroud (with its brass lock body in it) over the large center rivet head on the gates wheel channel edge.
  • Position it as far forward on this rivet as possible and attach, using 2 screws upper and lower (pre-drilled holes are for round head screws)
  • Snap on the plastic molded cover…ensure it fits snugly and flat, otherwise it will cause misalignment.  If you are having trouble getting it to lay flat, we suggest removing the small round head screw you have put in the pre-drilled hole next to the large center rivet, and instead add a screw at the top or bottom (there is no hole provided, but the screws self drill).
  • Now attach the receiver plate (flat “u” shaped metal plate with 2 small projections)…mark the position (there is not a lot of tolerance, so do this carefully) where it meets the frame/post to which it will be attached…unlock, screw in place (only takes 2 screws).

Step 5:

  • Lastly, position the “u” bracket halfway between the slot and the slam lock and attach to the frame/post…this prevents twisting the gate.
  • Ensure all screws have been inserted, and carefully clean up any metal shavings as these can foul the nylon wheels.
  • You will find a leftover “L” shaped plate….its purpose is to allow for a receiver plate attaching point in the odd cases where there are minimal depth window frames,obstructions, etc.