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The importance of retail store access control and how physical security gates help.

The Importance of Access Control at Retail Stores

Retail stores have many security considerations to keep in mind. One of the most important – and unfortunately one that is sometimes overlooked – is access control. Controlling access within a store is critical for several reasons.

Access Control Tools Restrict Off-Limits Products

A primary use for access control gates inside a retail store is to restrict access to items that are off-limits to customers. This can mean areas that are always restricted (such as stock rooms or areas behind the cash, for example) as well as areas that are only restricted at certain times. An example of a situation where access must be restricted during certain times is a grocery store that sells alcohol. In many areas, alcohol can only be sold during specific hours. However, many grocery stores and retail stores are open outside of those hours. This means access to alcohol must be restricted when it is not able to be sold legally. By using access control tools, the store is able to remain open while the alcohol is kept away from customers.

Access Control Helps Reduce Shoplifting

Another way that access control helps retail stores is by reducing the opportunity for shoplifting. Many shoplifters wait for distractions (such as staff being busy with another customer) or look for areas in stores where they cannot be seen before they steal. When no one is looking, they slip merchandise into their bags or pockets. By using access control tools, you put a barrier between criminals and your valuable assets, which prevents shoplifting. If criminals can’t get to items without asking staff, they are not able to sneak them away when no one is watching.

Access Control Improves Customer Service

Retail stores only have so many staff
members at any given time. By using access control tools, you make it easier for these staff members to properly serve customers. For example, there are some medications that can only be sold while a pharmacist is on site. However,a pharmacy or drug store may not always have a pharmacist working. By restricting access to medications that cannot be sold without a pharmacist, you immediately let customers know that these products are not available.

This prevents a situation where someone takes an item off the shelf, walks to the cash to pay, and then is told that they cannot buy the item right now. This scenario results in a confused and potentially upset customer, and it also means more work for staff who then must return the item to the shelf. With physical access control tools in place (perhaps accompanied by appropriate signage) the customer immediately knows that they cannot buy the product in question.

The Benefits of Physical Security Gates for Access Control

Physical security gates are an excellent way to restrict access. They are strong, durable, and easy to use, which means they can quickly be locked or unlocked as necessary. Gates can be installed on the ends of an aisle, or mobile security gates can quickly be moved to an area to restrict access. Gates visually let customers know that a location is off limits, and they cannot easily be tampered with or circumvented. This makes them much more useful than signage alone and significantly more secure than trying to restrict access by placing a large item at the end of an aisle to try to prevent access, for example.

By using physical security gates, you maintain security at your retail store and make things easier for both customers and staff.

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