Shopping Mall Security Gates Photos

Shopping mall access control is important for many different reasons.  Certain areas may need to be blocked off for construction, crowd control, safety, or for after hours access.  Xpanda’s shopping mall security gates are cost-effective and provide the access control when needed and can be easily removed when no longer required.  As with all Xpanda security gates, they come with a two-year warranty and are available in four different powder coated color options.

shopping mall access control

Restricting Access in Shopping Mall With Movable Security Gates

construction areas in shopping mall

Powder Coated White 80″ H Security Gates on Trolley

crowd control in shopping mall

After Hours Access Control in Shopping Mall With Portable Security Gates

food court security control

Retractable & Portable Trolley Gate System

security gates for kiosk

Access Control Mobile Trolley System

shopping mall access control security gates

Shopping Mall Access Control Security Grilles

mall security gates for access control

Access Control Mobile Portable Trolley System

crowd control security gates

Public Access Control Security Gates

drug store access control

Bi-Parting Security Gate Inside Retail Store

retail pop up shop security

Pop-Up Shop Security Gates Expanded & Secured

security protection for kiosk

Mobile Trolley Security Gates For After Hour Protection

restricting access with security gates

80″ H Powder Coated Black Mobile Gates Expanded

shopping mall access control

Portable Trolley Gates Expanded For Access Control


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