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The Many Benefits of Warehouse Gates

It seems obvious that a major benefit of having warehouse gates installed is that they prevent crime. This is true. Physical security gates drastically decrease the chances of a break-in, smash and grab robbery, or other type of crime. However, there are many other benefits to warehouse gates as well.

How Warehouse Gates Keep People Safe

Physical security helps protect against injury. Slips, trips, and falls are among the most common causes of workplace injury. The result is that injured workers miss time, which can hurt morale and productivity at your business. Plus, operating a dangerous workplace could leave your business vulnerably to legal action. If you install warehouse gates, you reduce the risk of injury, keeping your staff and your customers safer.

Installing gates on garage doors prevents people from slipping and falling. Mobile gates can be locked into place to secure areas where there are spills or other hazards. They can be positioned and setup quickly, making them an excellent way to keep people safe.

Warehouse gates can also be installed on aisles to restrict access to potentially dangerous chemicals or equipment. Only those staff members who are trained to work with these items can be given keys.

When you have security gates installed, you protect against injury.

Gates don’t just keep your staff safe either. They also prevent customers and visitors from accessing areas where they could potentially be hurt. When you have gates installed, not only do to restrict entry, but you make it completely clear that an area is off limits. This keeps people out of areas where they could be hurt.

Warehouse Gates Also Stop Crime

Of course, because gates are visible, they also prevent crime. Criminals often look for locations that do not have adequate security in place. They want to get in and out of a location as quickly as possible without being spotted. For instance, they often search for properties that have open garage doors. Many warehouses leave doors open so they can quickly see trucks pulling up to the facility and keep an eye on the general area. In warmer months, businesses often leave doors open for ventilation. However, keeping doors open also attracts criminals.

If you have warehouse gates installed on garage doors, you deter criminals while still allowing for visibility and airflow.

Physical security gates work because they serve as a strong barrier between your business and criminals who wish to cause trouble. Unlike alarm systems or surveillance cameras, warehouse gates actually keep criminals out. With an alarm system, even if the police are called as soon as a break-in happens, it takes time for them to arrive. Most criminals will be
long gone before anyone can stop them. Surveillance cameras can help capture evidence, but this evidence is only useful once a crime has already been committed. Plus, wearing a hood, scarf, or mask during the crime makes it considerably more difficult to identify a criminal.

Warehouse gates and other security tools physically keep criminals out. This makes them much more effective than other tools. If you want to protect the security of your business as well as the safety of your staff and customers, then you should have physical gates installed at your property.

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