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Security Tips Inspired by The Fall 

It’s the fall and that means it’s back to school time! For parents, that means getting used to new routines, rushing around to adapt to new schedules, and making sure everyone wakes up on time. However, even if you’re not a parent of a school-aged child, there are still lessons to be learned at this time of year. This applies to business security as well.

Here are four back to school lessons that can also teach you something about business security.

Get Organized

An organized business is a secure business. Much like we tell children to follow their school schedules, keep a daily agenda to stay on top of assignments, and have a plan for getting all of their work done, it’s also crucial that businesses be organized when it comes to security.

Your business should have a formal security plan. It should detail exactly who is responsible for setting alarms, locking security gates, etc. This will make it much less likely that these responsibilities are missed or overlooked. You should also have formal plans for other activities such as taking cash deposits to the bank, counting cash in registers, keeping track of inventory, etc. Having official plans in place makes it less likely that a crime will occur while these activities are being carried out.

Do Your Homework

Most students don’t enjoy doing homework, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. The same goes for you. You should do regular research into what security solutions are out there. If it’s been many years since you’ve had your current security set-up installed, you might not be aware of advances in the industry.

Plus, you should also stay up-to-date on local crime stats and any alerts or warnings by local law enforcement. Paying attention to this kind of information can help you avoid becoming a victim.

Learn Something New

As mentioned above, depending on when you had your current security solution installed, there could have been significant advances in security technology. Learning about what’s out there and potentially modifying or upgrading your current security system can be very beneficial.

For example, you may have resisted installing security gates many years ago because you didn’t want your property to look uninviting, or because you thought that the solutions that existed at the time were too complicated or expensive. If you looked into modern security gates today, you’d find that not only are there much more affordable and easy to use solutions, but that modern security gates can also easily roll or fold out of the way during business hours. This ensures that your property maintains a welcoming appearance for customers.

Take Tests

It’s important to test out your security system regularly. This doesn’t mean actually trying to break into your business, but it does mean reviewing your security set-up and looking at your property through the eyes of a criminal. If you were going to break into your business, how would you do it? Remember that criminals have no respect for your property. They won’t hesitate to break windows, smash doors, and damage your business.

Once you’ve reviewed your system, be sure to fix any potential weaknesses before they are exploited by criminals.

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