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security gates for windows

How Security Gates for Windows Deter Crime

Criminals will look for any opportunity to break into a business. They want to strike at weaknesses in a property. If the doors are not protected, they’ll smash them; if your door is secure, they’ll aim for the windows. In fact, storefront windows are one of the most common entry points in retail break-ins. That’s because, in many cases, these windows are large enough for criminals to easily move through. This ease of entry makes it crucial to install security gates for windows.

Criminals want to get in and out of a business quickly, before anyone notices them. If you have security gates for windows protecting your property, that makes it significantly more difficult for them to get into your business quickly. In many cases, criminals will avoid properties that have physical security in place.

Security Gates for Windows Create a Physical Barrier

One major advantage that security gates have over other types of security is that they physically can deter criminals from getting in.

Alarm systems can let the police or security guards know that there’s a break-in taking place, but it still takes time for the authorities to arrive. In many cases, by the time help gets there, the criminals are gone from the scene. Most smash and grab robberies are over in just a few minutes, making it tough to catch someone in the act.

Video surveillance cameras can record what happens during a break-in. This information can potentially be used by police to identify and arrest criminals. However, criminals can obscure their identities with hoods, scarves, or masks. This reduces the effectiveness of security cameras.

However, security gates for windows let criminals know that it will be very difficult for them to access a property. By placing a physical barrier between them and your assets, you reduce crime. Criminals won’t want to stay on the scene very long, and they know that gates will slow them down, so the tend to stick to easier targets.

Using Security Gates for Windows as Part of your Security Solution

Any business security plan should be a comprehensive one. This means that you should use various security tools and tactics together to keep criminals out. For instance, while security gates for windows deter criminals, you can discourage them further by removing valuables from your storefront windows while your business is closed.

Many retail stores put popular or desirable products in their window displays to attract customers while the store is open. However, once you’re done for the day, these same displays attract criminals. Removing valuable assets from store windows when you’re closed can make your property a less attractive target.

Lighting can also discourage criminals from attempting a break in. Making sure your store is well-lit keeps criminals away, as light makes it more difficult for them to commit a crime without being caught.

When used in conjunction with security gates for windows, these strategies successfully help try and keep criminals out.

By having folding security gates for windows in place, you keep your property safe and keep criminals away. This prevents costly damage to your building, protects your company assets, and makes doing business easier and less stressful.