Xpanda Launches a New Guide to Protecting Businesses with Physical Security

Xpanda Launches a New Guide to Protecting Businesses with Physical Security

New Guide Explains How Strong Visual and Physical Protection is Crucial for After-Hours Security Xpanda is a North American leader in the manufacture, supply, and installation of security gates and related products. With 24 years of experience at keeping businesses of all sizes and types secure, Xpanda’s mission is to provide the best protection for […]

Hallway Gate Security Tools for Schools, Offices, Warehouses & More

How Hallway Gate Technology Keeps People Safe Hallway gate technology can be used to restrict access within a property. These tools let you block off a portion of a building quickly and easily, which keeps intruders out and prevents anyone from entering a sensitive or restricted area (either on purpose or by accident). Hallway gate […]

Physical Security Gates for Access Control & Safety at Schools

How Physical Security Gates Keep Schools Safe During After Hours Events School safety is critical. Not only must children obviously be kept safe, but there are valuable assets inside most schools that criminals want to steal, including computers and other electronics, sensitive information, and other learning materials and assets. Keep these items safe from criminals […]

Strengthening Access Control at Schools

Keeping Schools Safe with Access Control It’s nearly back-to-school time, and that means people all over the country are preparing to return to the classroom. Schools are supposed to be safe places where children can learn and grow without fear. However, too often, schools are targeted by criminals. School security can be drastically improved by […]

The Unique Challenges & Solutions of Securing a Large Venue

How to Secure an Airport, Arena or other Large Venue There are many unique challenges that come with securing a large venue such as an airport, sporting arena, shopping mall or other such building. These large facilities have many different areas, each with different security levels, operating hours and other variables to consider. For example, […]

Security And Access Control for Schools and Public Places

How Security Gates Provide Access Control at Public Places There are a number of reasons why you would want to prevent unwanted access at a school or public place. It could be due to a threat of violence. It could be for reasons of confidentiality. It could be because you do not want people walking […]

Review Your Security Vulnerabilities

Assessing Your Property for Security Vulnerabilities It’s important that you frequently look at your property and review your security situation. Criminals often target properties that are obviously lacking in certain protections. They want to strike the easiest target possible. If your business has a security flaw, a criminal will find it and he or she […]

Preparing your Business for Civil Unrest & Other Sudden Crimes

Emergency Preparedness for Civil Disorder, Protests & Demonstrations As a business owner, it is important that you prepare your property and your staff for all potential threats. Civil unrest, protests and riots can seriously disrupt business, cause damage property and be very costly for your business. Much like how you would take steps to protect […]

Hallway Security Gates Secure and Restrict Access

Using Hallway Security Gates at your Business When you think of security gates, there is a good chance that you only think of gates that are installed on the front entrance of a building. While security gates are frequently used on doors and windows to keep criminals out, there are also a number of other […]