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Improving Airport Security with Physical Tools

When it comes to airport security, many people think of metal detectors, security guards and cameras. While these are all important aspects of airport security, physical security tool (such as mobile security gates) is also an incredibly important part of keeping an airport, or any large public area, safe.

Airports and other large properties often need to control access to various areas of many different sizes. Fixed security gates are often not a practical way to accomplish this goal. A solution to this problem is to use mobile security gates. These gates can easily be moved around a property as needed to provide a flexible security solution. Mobile gates can be used individually to secure access to a smaller location or joined together to block off a large area. Slam locks or cylinder locking posts can be used between the individual gates in order to separate the different units or to allow access at certain points.

Mobile Access Control in Airports

Due to their incredible flexibility and ease of use, mobile security gates are often used at:

  • Airports
  • Sporting venues
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Museums
  • Universities
  • Food courts
  • Office buildings
  • And a wide variety of other locations

Using Mobile Gates at Airports

When it comes to applications for mobile security gates at an airport, one of the most important is crowd control. Airports often get quite busy and this makes it very difficult for security guards or surveillance cameras to keep an eye on everything and everyone at all times. Mobile security gates put a physical barrier in front of potential criminals, greatly increasing the difficulty of causing crime and providing needed security.

In many airports, areas open and close frequently through the day. Certain gates are only open at certain times. Restaurants and retail stores open and close. Areas need to be opened up more fully in order to deal with increased capacity. For these reasons, it’s important to utilize a flexible solution that adapts quickly to the changing needs of a property.

Criminals understand the effectiveness of security gates. They know that physical security not only makes it significantly more difficult to access an area, but also that it greatly increases the likelihood of them being caught in the act. For these reasons, many criminals do not even attempt to break into a location that is protected by security gates.

Other Benefits of Mobile Security Gates

There are a number of reasons why mobile security gates are a good choice for your property. In addition to the fact that these gates can be joined together to protect areas of almost any size, they are also lightweight, making them easy to move and set-up. This makes it possible to change the configuration of the gates on short notice as needed. This is a powerful advantage.

mobile security gates sporting venue

In addition to providing access control, mobile security gates can also be used to protect members of the general public from hazards and other unsafe locations. This means that you can keep the majority your property open to the public while preventing them from entering areas where they may be harmed. This prevents you from having to shut down an entire airport in order to contain a specific situation.

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