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The Importance of Flexible Security
Solutions Today

Businesses continue to change and evolve,
and business security needs change with them. Today, there are numerous
different business scenarios that were not common years ago, but that are
prevalent now. For these situations, flexible and adaptable security is

Mobile security gates at kiosk

Mobile Security Gates at Kiosks &
Small Format Stores

One major business trend is the rise of pop-up shops, kiosks, and small format stores inside larger retailers. These kiosks typically operate independently of the larger store and they often do not have access to many security tools. For instance, alarm systems and surveillance cameras may be designed to protect the overall property, but not the kiosk specifically. This can be a crucial point if the pop-up shop has different operating hours or security needs than the larger retailer. Furthermore, smaller retailers may not have the resources necessary for costly security guards and other similar tools.

Mobile security gates are incredibly effective at keeping small format pop-up stores safe. They can quickly and easily be set up and locked into place. Plus, they don’t require walls or doors to work. Gates can be combined together to secure large spaces, but they can easily be folded down and stored out of the way, so they don’t detract from the overall property.

Mobile Security Gates at Large Event

Mobile security gates at large venues

Another current business trend is multi-use
spaces. To maximize profit, many businesses use their locations for a variety
of purposes. Think of a performance space that produces live theatre on
weekends, rents out the building as a meeting space during the week, and can
also be booked for private and public events. These three unique purposes
require different parts of the building and, therefore, different security solutions
to keep everything and everyone safe.

When the space is operating as a theatre,
crowd control and access control are important. You want to be able to restrict
access to certain areas as well as ensure that only those with tickets are able
to enter. Mobile security gates can be used to prevent the public from entering
backstage areas and prevent those without tickets from entering the building

If the business is operating as a meeting
space for various organizations, it may want to separate the property into
numerous different regions. This can be done by moving mobile security gates
into specific locations, preventing access to off limit areas and segregating
different regions. The gates can easily be moved as needed, creating various
spaces of different sizes.

When holding a public or private event,
mobile security gates work incredibly well for access control and security. You
may not want the public to be able to access storage rooms, offices, or other
such areas, but you still want them to be able to move freely through permitted
areas. Mobile security gates allow you to achieve these goals with ease.

Not only are security gates an easy-to-use
and effective means of security and access control, they also serve as a visual
deterrent. People immediately recognize that an area protected by security
gates is off limits. Using gates doesn’t just achieve security goals, but it is
also much more cost-effective than the alternatives, such as hiring security

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