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Controlling Access When You Need To

In large properties, such as airports, schools, shopping malls, arenas, and other such facilities, access control isn’t just important, but often crucial. In these properties, large numbers of people are present at any given time. In addition, various different activities happen throughout the day, and these activities often occur simultaneously. Therefore, it’s critical for safety and security that effective access control measures are installed.

In addition, at large public properties, access control requirements often change from day-to-day and even throughout the day. Sometimes security needs shift several times in a day. Therefore, the security solution that is chosen for these properties must be a flexible one.

Mobile security gates are an effective way to control access at a large property. These gates are versatile and can be set up nearly anywhere. They are also incredibly flexible and can be configured in a wide variety of different ways, depending on the needs of the business and the current situation. They can also be easily moved or adjusted, allowing property owners the ability to adapt to changing situations throughout the day without hassle, stress, inconvenience or added expense.

How Mobile Security Gates Provide Effective Security at Large Properties

As mentioned, large public properties often have unique security needs that change frequently. For example, consider the average shopping mall. Sections of the mall may be open outside of “standard” business hours, such as a coffee shop that opens before the rest of the mall or a movie theatre or restaurant that remains operational after the other stores have closed. In these situations, it is incredibly beneficial to use security gates to restrict access to areas of the mall that are closed while still allowing the public easy access to those business that are operating.

Another example is in the case of an airport. Airports frequently have changing security concerns and access may need to be restricted or opened up quickly in order to deal with these circumstances. For example, if an airport becomes much busier than expected, additional gates or processing areas may need to be opened. This can very easily be done by unlocking the mobile security gates that have been installed. There may also be situations where access to a certain area needs to be quickly restricted, and mobile security gates make this possible.

A third example is in the case of a large sporting arena. Large arenas often host a variety of events and thus, during certain events, particular kiosks, seating areas or concourses may not be open to the public. By securing these areas with mobile security gates, you prevent the public from being able to access them, but still allow staff members (who have keys) to easily move throughout the building.

The Advantages of Mobile Security Gates

In addition to flexibility and ease of use, a major advantage of mobile security gates is cost. Employing security guards to restrict access and patrol restricted areas is incredibly costly and requires a large number of guards. Rather than deal with this expense and logistical challenge, many business choose mobile security gates instead.

Unlike alarm systems or surveillance cameras, mobile security gates put up a physical barrier that restrict access. This ensures safety and security while still allowing easy access to authorized individuals.

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