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Protecting your Gas Station with Physical Security Gates

Gas stations are frequent targets for criminals. There are many reasons why, including that they are open late at night, that they are sometimes located in areas where there aren’t many other businesses, and that they carry items that are valuable to criminals. Thieves searching for lottery tickets, cigarettes, alcohol, cash, and other valuables often target gas stations.

Most gas stations are very open and accessible, meaning that people are able to freely walk around the property and even browse inside the store without being noticed. This fact is combined with the fact that many gas stations only have one or two staff members working at any given time, especially during the night. Criminals know this and they take advantage of this fact.

Finally, gas stations are frequently located on or near major streets and highways. This makes it fast and easy for a criminal to leave the scene after committing a crime. Police will not be able to respond even if they are contacted immediately.

Securing Gas Stations

The good news is that gas stations can be protected and that physical security tools are an incredibly effective way to do so.

There are a number of ways to use physical security to keep a property safe. One is that they can be used for access control. For example, locations that are off limits to members of the general public (stock rooms, storage rooms, etc.) can be protected with security gates. This ensures that gas station staff still have quick access, but it prevents criminals from entering these areas.

Mobile security gates can also restrict access to certain areas of a gas station while still allowing other areas to remain open. This can be especially effective in locations where the is a store, coffee shop, or restaurant present inside the station. These locations can be closed for business and remain off-limits to customers while the station’s main cash area can stay open. Restricting access in this manner can significantly reduce the likelihood of a crime.

Security gates can also protect doors and windows when parts of the gas station are closed or when the entire location is closed. Many robberies are “smash and grab” robberies where criminals break through doors and windows, steal what they can, and leave the scene before authorities can arrive. Security gates make these crimes significantly more difficult.

Physical security gates can also protect commonly stolen or potentially dangerous items. For example, cigarettes, alcohol, electronics, and various tools can be stored behind gates inside the station. If a customer wants to access these items, they will need to ask store staff in order to do so. Not only does this cut down on shoplifting, but it also prevents criminals from getting their hands on dangerous items that can be used in a crime. For example, if your gas station sells tire irons, crowbars, or other such tools, criminals can use them as weapons during a crime. Locking them behind security gates keeps them safe.

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