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How to Improve Security at your Gun Store

Every business owner wants to protect their property from criminals. Unfortunately, there are some businesses that are more common targets for criminals than others. One of these common targets is gun stores.

There are many reasons why gun stores are frequently struck by criminals. One of the primary reasons is guns can be sold very quickly on the black market at high prices. Criminals know that if they are able to steal guns or other weapons, that they can almost certainly find a buyer for them very quickly.

Criminals also target gun shops in hopes of stealing guns and ammunition that they can then use in other crimes. If they can steal guns, they know that there will be no record of the purchase and no way to track any guns used in a crime to them.

For these reasons, it’s very important that gun stores have effective security installed.

Gun Store Smash and Grab Robberies

One of the most common types of gun store robberies are smash and grab robberies. These are crimes where criminals break through doors and windows, usually with force, to gain access to a property. Most smash and grab robberies happen very quickly. Criminals break in, steal what they’re looking for, and then leave the property. Most smash and grabs are over in a few minutes and some take only seconds.

Criminals know that, even if an alarm system is designed to immediately contact the police as soon as the property is breached, it takes time for security guards and police officers to arrive. If the robbers can leave the scene quickly with their stolen goods, the chances of them being caught are very low. Even if your gun store has security cameras installed, criminals can easily conceal their identities by wearing hoods, masks, or scarves. This makes it almost impossible for police to identify those who committed the crime.

For these reasons, it’s critical that gun store owners have physical security tools – such as security gates – installed at their property.

Physical Security Gates at Gun Stores

Security gates put a strong and visible barrier in between your property and criminals who wish to steal your assets and merchandise. This makes it significantly more difficult for a criminal to gain access. If a criminal sees that a gun store is protected by security gates, they know that it will be much tougher and more time-consuming to enter a property. The more time a criminal spends at the scene of a crime attempting a break-in, the more likely this criminal is to be caught in the act.

Criminals often avoid properties that are protected by physical security gates because they don’t want to take the risk of being caught.

Security gates can be installed on doors and windows and they can easily be rolled or folded out of the way during regular business hours. This ensures that your store retains its welcoming appearance during the day, but that it is secured at night.

Physical security gates can also be utilized inside a gun store, to restrict access to certain areas or to protect racks or displays that hold guns, bullets, and other merchandise. This drastically improves gun store security and keeps your business protected from criminals.

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