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How to Keep Smash and Grab Robbers Away from your Business

If you run a business, there’s a very good chance that you think about security on a regular basis. After all, you put your time, your money, and your effort into your business, so you don’t want to end up becoming a victim of crime. One way that many business owners protect their properties is by installing security cameras. However, while cameras may give you evidence about the crime after it happens, they don’t deter criminals.

Why not?

Smash and grab robberies are typically over in just a few minutes. Some take only seconds. Criminals know that if they’re fast, they can get in and out of a property before police arrive. They also know that they can cover their faces with hoods, scarves or masks for a few minutes and be unidentifiable on video. If criminals can’t be identified and if they leave the scene before police arrive, it becomes incredibly difficult – and almost impossible – to make them pay for their crimes.

How to Deter Criminals

Since alarm systems and surveillance cameras don’t stop criminals from attempting a break-in, what can a business owner do to keep their property safe? One of the best ways to secure a property is by using physical security gates.

Not only do physical security gates keep criminals out of your property, but they deter criminals as well. Why? Most smash and grab robbers use crude tools such as baseball bats, crowbars, hammers, rocks, or other such items to break through the glass on doors and windows. However, when you have security gates installed, these weapons are ineffective. If a criminal sees that a property is protected by gates, they know that it will take significant effort to gain access. Not only will it mean that it will take more effort, but it will also take more time. The longer a criminal spends at a property, the more likely they are to get caught. Since this is true, criminals often avoid locations where they see security gates.

The fact that criminals can see physical security tools is another way that they deter people from attempting a break-in. Consider window film, which also works to make it more difficult to break through glass. Though this film can be effective if installed properly, criminals will not know that it’s in place until they’ve already made several attempts to break through the glass. These attempts can cause significant damage to your property. Instead of risking this damage, have visible security gates installed instead. They won’t just keep your location safe, but they’ll also keep criminals from considering your property to be a target.

Security gates often end up saving more money than they cost. This is because, not only does a smash and grab robbery cost you the value of the items stolen, but the cost of repairs to your property following the crime will likely be substantial as well. In many cases, the money it costs to repair your business after a break-in is greater than the cost of goods stolen. Don’t let this happen. Protect your business with physical security gates.

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