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The Differences between Mobile Security Gates & Fixed Security Gates

One decision that many people have to make when it comes to security gates is the choice between mobile security gates and fixed security gates. Many businesses wonder about the differences between these two types of gates and aren’t quite sure which kinds of gates they should choose.

In order to determine whether you should be using mobile security gates or fixed security gates, it’s important to define these two different gate types. This can help you understand the strengths of each type of gate and give you the information you need to make a choice.

What are Fixed Security Gates?

Fixed security gates are a visual and physical theft deterrent. They are installed onto the window frame and many can fold or swing away when they are not being used. Fixed security gates are strong and sturdy. They come in a variety of different sizes, so they can be installed on just about any property. These gates are designed to cover the entire window or door when they are closed, preventing access to a property from the outside.

What are Mobile Security Gates?

Mobile security gates are portable scissor-style gates that are attached to end channels. These gates expand when opened or closed. Like fixed security gates, mobile security gates also serve as a visible and physical crime deterrent. When criminals see security gates, they know that it will be significantly more difficult to break into a property and thus typically do not consider such properties as potential targets.

What are Mobile Security Gates Used For?

Due to their portability, there are a wide number of different uses for mobile security gates. One of the most common uses for these gates is access control. Mobile security gates can easily be set up to block off a section of a property from access. For example, they can be used to close off a portion of an office building, to restrict access at a large event such as a concert or convention or to section off a particular area within a retail store, such as closing the aisles of a drug store that sell certain medications when a pharmacist is not on duty.

For this reason, they are frequently used in shopping malls, food courts, sports facilities, airports, department stores, schools, museums, universities and many other locations. Mobile security gates are also often used inside properties to secure stock rooms and other areas where there is a great deal of valuable inventory that needs to be protected.

Choosing the Right Security Gates

When it comes to choosing the right security gates for your business, the choice will depend on your particular situation. If you are looking to protect storefront or office windows, installing fixed security gates may be a better option for you. These gates are mounted to your property, meaning that they are more difficult to move that mobile security gates. However, they offer the physical protection that you need.

If you are instead looking to secure a portion of a larger property or if you require a security solution that can easily be re-positioned, mobile security gates might be a better option for you. Stores that are located within malls, for example, may be better off with mobile security gates, depending on the layout of the store and the mall itself.

When you are choosing security gates to protect your business, it is important to look at your particular situation and to make the choice that meets your unique needs.

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