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How Security Gates Provide Access Control at Public Places

There are a number of reasons why you would want to prevent unwanted access at a school or public place. It could be due to a threat of violence. It could be for reasons of confidentiality. It could be because you do not want people walking around unsupervised. It could be, simply, because you don’t want to line every hallway with security guards.

Different public places have different security needs at different times. However, one constant is how effective fold away security gates are at restricting and controlling access.

Using Security Gates for Access Control

Access control for schools

Any property that is open to the public will need to take steps to restrict access to at least some areas. For example, consider a school. You may want to allow access to administrative offices, but prevent people from accessing classrooms. Or you may wish to restrict access to facilities such as gymnasiums, auditoriums and cafeterias when these areas are not being used by students. Your security needs will change throughout the day, depending on the occasion, so you’ll need a solution that is effective while remaining flexible. Security gates are this solution.

While doors can be locked, many doors have windows in them in order to allow light into the room. These windows can be very easily smashed. By securing these locations with security gates, you add a strong protective barrier. Security gates can be installed behind doors to add additional protection.

Gates can be closed or opened as needed, making it quick and easy to control access when necessary.

When you have security gates installed in your location, you are able to control the flow of people and restrict access without having to have a large number of security guards on staff. This not only saves money, but it also allows you to distribute the rest of your security resources in a more effective manner.

For example, using security gates to block off classroom areas during a performance in a school auditorium allows you use the security guards and staff on hand for crowd control in the auditorium, without having to worry about leaving classrooms unprotected.

As you can see, physical security tools are a crucial part of a security set-up. They make your entire security system more effective.

Protection from Smash and Grab Robberies at Schools and Public Places

Unfortunately, public places such as schools are often targets for criminals. One common way that they gain access is through smash and grab robberies. In these crimes, a criminal breaks through a door or window in order to enter a property.

In these crimes, criminals steal whatever valuables they can as quickly as possible and then leave the property before the authorities can respond. In public places such as office buildings and schools, assets such as cash, computers and other electronics are common targets.

Security gates make smash and grab robberies significantly more difficult to carry out. This is because the reason these crimes are successful is because of speed. Most smash and grab robberies are over in minutes. Some take only seconds. By installing security gates, you make it much tougher and more time-consuming to access a property. This takes away the “smash” part of a smash and grab, and causes criminals to consider targeting a different location.

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