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How Storefront Security Gates Keep your Property Safe and Save Money

When many business owners think of security, they think of the additional expenses associated with installing security tools. And, yes, security tools do cost money to install. However, when it comes to storefront security gates, not only is this cost definitely worth it, but installing the gates can ultimately save your business money.

The majority of crimes, especially those that happen at retail stores, are smash and grab robberies. And it makes sense that this is the case. Criminals know that even if alarm systems are installed, even if the police are called right away, and even if surveillance cameras capture footage, if they can get into a property, steal what they’re looking for, and leave within minutes, the likelihood of them being caught is very low. The police take time to arrive and covering your face with a scarf or hood makes it tough to identify you on camera.

However, when you have storefront security gates installed, it becomes considerably more difficult to gain access. This makes smash and grab criminals, who typically use tools like baseball bats and rocks to smash through windows, think twice before attempting a break-in. They would rather strike an easier target.

How Storefront Security Gates Save Your Business Money

When a smash and grab robbery happens, your business loses more than just the assets that are stolen. In these crimes, windows are broken, doors are ripped from their hinges, displays are destroyed, and much more. In many cases, the damage caused by a smash and grab robbery is costlier than the assets that are stolen.

Criminals have no respect for property and they will break whatever stands between getting in and out of your property quickly. This often means significant property damage, which means a lot of money spent on repairs.

It also means time spent making repairs. In a lot of cases, when smash and grab robberies happen, store owners need to close their businesses for several days so repairs can be made. During this time, significant business is lost. There’s also the fact that owners need to spend time talking to insurance companies and police officers following a crime, which means less time spent at work. These costs add up and result in a significant expense that can be very damaging to a business.

If you have storefront security gates installed, you prevent smash and grab crimes before they happen. Criminals can easily see that gates are in place before they strike. Since they would rather attack a property that is easier to rob, they will likely choose a different target. This is a major difference between storefront security gates and window film. While film can make it more difficult to access a property (if it is installed correctly) it isn’t visible. This means that a criminal might make several attempts to break in. In these attempts, they could cause serious (and
costly) damage to your business.

With storefront security gates, you keep criminals away from your business and you prevent damage from taking place, keeping your company safe and saving you money.

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