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Protecting your Auto Parts Store with Security Gates

Auto parts stores are common targets for criminals. One of the main reasons why is that these stores carry expensive merchandise that can easily be sold on the black market for a profit. Once auto parts have been stolen, painted, installed on a vehicle, or otherwise modified, it becomes very difficult to track them and to spot that they have been stolen. In addition, while auto parts are very valuable, most of them can be carried from a scene quite easily.

This makes auto parts stores common targets for smash and grab robbers. In these crimes, criminals break through doors and windows, steal what they can, and leave the scene quickly. They know that, even if police are called the moment that the store’s alarm system sounds, the authorities won’t be able to arrive on time.

How Security Gates Prevent Smash and Grab Robberies at Auto Parts Stores

Speed is critical in a smash and grab robbery. As mentioned, the goal is to get in and out of the store before the police arrive. Many smash and grab robberies are over in a few minutes and some of them take only several seconds.

Physical security gates make it significantly more difficult for someone to gain access to a property. Most smash and grab robbers use baseball bats, crowbars, rocks, or other such items to break through windows and doors. These weapons are not effective against security gates.

If a criminal hopes to tamper with security gates, they will have a lengthy and very complicated process ahead of them. Their chances of gaining access to a property are incredibly small and, due to the time they’ll have to spend on the scene, their likelihood of being caught in the act is quite high.

Criminals know how effective physical security gates are. In most cases, they avoid properties that have them installed. They would rather strike a property that does not have a visible barrier in place. This gives security gates a huge advantage over window film, which cannot easily be seen by criminals.

Improving Auto Parts Store Security with Security Gates

Security gates don’t just protect against smash and grab robberies. They also keep your property protected from several other crimes. For instance, some auto parts stores contain garages that repair vehicles. In these garages, large garage doors are often left open so that staff can see if anyone is waiting outside and so that fresh air can get inside the building. However, this can be a security risk as anyone can walk into the property and steal items when no one is looking.

If you install security gates on these doorways, you can open the door and allow ventilation and visibility while still securing your property.

Physical security gates can also prevent shoplifting. Small yet valuable items can be locked behind security gates, making it impossible for criminals to slide these items into their pockets or bags.

By using physical security, you keep your auto parts store safe and protected from criminals.

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