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How to Secure an Airport, Arena or other Large Venue

There are many unique challenges that come with securing a large venue such as an airport, sporting arena, shopping mall or other such building. These large facilities have many different areas, each with different security levels, operating hours and other variables to consider. For example, you may wish to have some areas open to the public at certain times, closed completely at other times and restricted to specific/ individuals at other times.

For example, consider a shopping mall that has a movie theatre inside. The mall itself may close at 9pm, but the theatre could be showing films until midnight. Securing the rest of the mall while still allowing the theatre to remain open is a security challenge.

Another challenge comes in the form of the variety of different kiosks and businesses inside these locations. For example, an arena could have a number of different restaurants, cafes, shops, bars, demonstration areas, etc. located in its various concourses. These locations could be closed or open at different hours, depending on the event or time of day.

Large venues such as those mentioned see thousands of people passing through them every day. Without proper security, it becomes confusing and even dangerous to operate such a venue.

Large Venue Access Control

Security Solutions

A variety of security solutions are available for shopping malls, airports, arenas and other large public buildings. In order to properly secure these venues, a variety of different security solutions are needed. You cannot rely on a single form of security to provide adequate protection at such a large location, especially one that is visited by thousands of people each and every day.

For this reason, a layered security approach is crucial.

An approach that includes physical security (in the form of security gates and other such tools) is the most effective method. After all, physical security gates put a barrier between the general public and the area that you do not wish for them to enter. They work effectively for access control, crowd control and crime prevention.

For example, a kiosk, store or wing of a building can easily be secured by locking it behind a security gate. This prevents the need to station security guards at this area, giving them the opportunity to be more effective in other situations and locations in the venue.

Another advantage to physical security gates is that they act as a visual deterrent. People are instantly aware that a location or an area is closed to the public when they see a closed security gate. Not only does this reduce the need for guards, but it also makes signage less necessary.

Security gates are also able to quickly and easily be opened and closed as needed by staff. They conveniently fold or roll out of the way, allowing you to open up areas with ease or close them without hassle. The ease of opening and closing gates is perfect for large venues such as airports. An airport may have to quickly open additional boarding gates in order to handle increased demand (for example). Security gates make it convenient to do with minimal hassle, effort and staff required.

By using mobile – portable physical security gates at your airport, shopping mall, sports arena or other large venue, you increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your entire security system.

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