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retail kiosks inside larger stores are becoming increasingly popular. Find out
how to keep these stores secure with mobile security gates and physical

Using Mobile Security Gates to Secure Pop-Up Retailers

Mobile security to protect pop up retail

The retail landscape is changing. One way it’s evolving is that smaller “pop-up” retailers and brand kiosks inside larger retail stores are becoming increasingly popular. These small-format stores are often focused on particular brands or individual products, and they’re dramatically changing the retail industry.

In the past, companies would rent or buy an
entire storefront to showcase their large product line. However, pop-up stores
and kiosks inside larger retailers are gaining popularity with both retailers
and customers and there are many reasons why. Small format kiosks are more
affordable and flexible than large retail stores and they often allow a more
personal experience for consumers. They also let companies showcase their
products more easily and test certain concepts on a smaller scale. However,
these stores have their own security challenges.

Since pop-up stores are often located
inside larger stores, it can be tough for staff to keep an eye on everyone who
walks by the kiosks. Small-format stores typically have limited staff on hand
and these staff members are usually busy interacting with customers, making
sales, conducting demos, and much more. That leaves the kiosk vulnerable to shoplifters.

Another security challenge is that smaller
kiosks may have different hours than the stores they are located in. If a large
retailer such as a grocery store or a department store is open 24-hours a day,
for instance, but the kiosk closes at 9pm, it can be a challenge to secure the
smaller store.

Finally, since most kiosks lack walls,
doors, and windows, protecting them with traditional physical security gates
can be difficult. However, mobile security gates can overcome these issues and
keep pop-up retailers and small-format kiosk stores safe.

How to Use Physical Security Gates to Protect Kiosks and Pop-Up Stores

One major advantage to physical security is
that it puts a strong physical and visual barrier between criminals and a
property. This differentiates gates from security cameras, alarm systems, and
other tools and it’s a key reason why they are so effective at protecting
retail stores.

With kiosks and pop-up retailers specifically, mobile security gates are a powerful tool. These gates are easy to set up and move around, but they form a strong barrier once locked into place. They don’t need to be attached to walls, windows, or doors, making them the perfect choice for retail kiosks.

Mobile security gates can be assembled in
nearly any configuration and multiple gates can be locked together to secure
larger areas if needed. Their versatility is what makes mobile security gates
so effective for kiosks and pop-up retailers.

Another benefit is that merchandise and
inventory can be locked behind mobile security gates even during operating
hours. Many kiosks do not have a large amount of secure storage (such as a
locked stock room) and shoplifters take advantage of this. They wait for staff
to be distracted and then quickly and quietly slip valuable merchandise into
their pockets or bags. By locking these valuables behind mobile security gates,
you protect your property and ensure that only staff are able to access your

Mobile security gates are a cost-effective
strategy. Once set-up, they require very little maintenance and will operate smoothly
and easily, protecting your business for many years even with heavy use. When
not in use, mobile security gates can be folded, moved, and stored in a closed
position, taking up very little space and keeping your kiosk looking welcoming
to customers.

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