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Fixing Business Security Flaws Before Criminals Exploit Them

Criminals are always looking for places to strike. When a criminal chooses a business to break into, they often look for business that do not have adequate security. Criminals want to strike weaker targets because they know that they have a better chance of success with these locations.

Even if you have a security system and other security tools installed at your business, there’s a chance that you still have some flaws in your system that an experienced criminal would notice. To keep your business secure, it’s important to review your current set-up and do what you can to eliminate weaknesses before a criminal can take advantage of them.

Here are some business security flaws that you may not have noticed.

Lack of Lighting

Criminals love locations that are not well-lit. This is because, if they can work in the darkness, they’re a lot less likely to be spotted. They also know that security cameras often struggle to provide high-quality images when it’s dark. Plus, criminals can take advantage of areas that are not well-lit to hide and wait. Then they can strike at a good opportunity, and potentially rob staff members or customers who are entering or leaving your business.

Take a look at your location and see if there are any areas that do not have adequate lighting. Come back to your location after hours and see how visible your property is. If your location isn’t very well-lit, consider installing lighting if possible. You may want to use motion-activated light as these only turn on when someone is nearby. This can help you save on energy costs.

Only the Main Entrance Protected

If you have your main entrance protected by a security gate, you’ve vastly improved the safety and security of your business. If you’ve also protected the front windows, you’re doing even better. However, many criminals target side entrances, back doors, or other entry points, including second floor windows (if you have them). This is because the chances of them being caught in the act are lower at a location that isn’t as visible to the public. Plus, they know these entry points are less likely to be properly secured.

To make sure your business is safe, install physical security tools on all doors, windows, and other entrances (such as sliding doors, garage doors, etc.).

Supplying Criminals with Tools

You don’t want to accidentally give criminals the tools they need to break into your property. However, if you have a snow shovel or a broom outside the front door of your business, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Criminals will take advantage of this situation and use these tools to help them break into your property.

The same is true for planters, bike racks, signs, and various other items. Criminals hide behind these items, or use them as weapons to break through doors and windows. It’s a good idea to periodically review your property and try to think like a criminal when you do. If you see anything that could be used as a tool in a break-in, eliminate it if possible.

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