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Keeping a Business Safe and Looking Great

One primary concern that many business owners have is the worry that adding security tools to their business will make it look unwelcoming to customers. Businesses, from retail stores to offices, want to be inviting and they don’t want to scare potential customers off with imposing security or restrictive policies or tools. They don’t want their security to be intrusive.

Some people worry that adding too much security will make their business look “like a jail” or that they’ll be accused of treating their customers “like criminals.” However, if security is done properly, it doesn’t look threatening and it doesn’t cause inconvenience and hassle. In fact, proper security actually makes it easier to manage your business and safer and more comfortable for customers. After all, if you don’t have to worry about theft, vandalism, or other crimes, you’re able to put more focus on running your business and satisfying your customers.

Physical Security at Retail Stores

One type of business that certainly places a high importance on security is retail stores. This is because there are a number of security threats to these businesses, such as smash and grab robberies and shoplifting threats.

To protect your retail store, install security gates on all exterior doors and windows. This makes smash and grab robberies much more difficult and time consuming for criminals. Most criminals won’t even bother to strike a property that has physical security installed.

Modern rolling or sliding physical security gates can be easily locked when your business is closed, creating a strong visual deterrent that keeps criminals away. However, during business hours, the gates can be rolled or slid out of the way with ease. This means your retail store will continue to be welcoming to customers and it ensures that staff and customers will not be bothered or inconvenienced by your security in any way.

Physical Security at Offices and Other Businesses

Offices, warehouses, shopping malls, arenas, and other businesses can also benefit from physical security tools like security gates. In addition to preventing smash and grab robberies by making them significantly more difficult, security gates are also incredibly effective at access control.

In an office, there will be some areas where employees are authorized to enter, but where visitors or clients are restricted. By installing security gates, you are able to keep these areas secure while still allowing for easy access by those with keys. There are several advantages to using security gates over locked doors. One is that it’s much easier to see through a security gate. This means that staff who are in the secure area can see what is happening outside. This not only provides additional security (since more visibility means more security) but it also creates a feeling of openness in an office that is very welcoming.

Security gates also allow for ventilation, which is very important in warehouses and other locations that can get extremely hot behind a locked door. One example of this is a server room. By installing security gates, you restrict access while still allowing airflow.

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