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Protecting a Business After-Hours Means Using a Layered Approach

After-hours, criminals want to break into businesses to steal cash, merchandise, and anything else they can get their hands on. Businesses, of course, want to prevent this from happening. While there is a wide variety of different security and loss prevention tools out there that promise to accomplish this goal, many companies find themselves wondering what the best approach to security may be.

After all, organizations can only make so much money available, even when it’s for something as important as security. The reality is that there isn’t one single approach that is the most effective at reducing crime. Taking a layered approach to security is one of the best ways to keep a property safe. This means using various crime reduction methods and tools, including physical security.

Retail stores and office buildings are common targets for criminals, especially after hours. When it’s dark and a business is closed, criminals take the opportunity to strike. Having the right tools in place keeps them away from your business.

Deterring Criminals

Physical security gates deter criminals. They would much rather strike a property that looks unprotected than one that has gates locked in place. That’s why having physical gates on doors and windows is much more effective than having window film in place, for instance. While film can potentially make it more difficult to break through a window, criminals don’t know it’s installed until they’ve already made several attempts. This can damage your property and, in some cases, determined criminals can even punch out a window that has film applied. Security gates make break-ins significantly more difficult while letting criminals know that security is installed.

In addition to using gates as a deterrent,
it’s also important not to tempt criminals in the first place. One way to avoid
doing this is to keep valuables out of sight when a business is closed. This means
moving high-priced merchandise out of store windows at night, and securing
valuables such as electronics, medication, and alcohol in locked cabinets where
they can’t be seen from the street.

Use Lighting Along with Gate

Criminals don’t want to be caught in the
act. If you have security gates installed, you want criminals to know they’re
in place. You also want them to know that they will be spotted if they attempt
a break-in. That’s why exterior lighting is so important.

The more difficult it is to break into a
property, and the greater the likelihood of being caught in the act, and the less
likely it is that a criminal will choose your business as a target. By having
proper lighting in place, you make it more difficult for a criminal to get away
with their crime, which often causes them to choose a different target.

Creating Barriers Inside

It’s not only important to install physical
security on exterior doors and windows, but it should also be placed inside a
property. Locked gates restrict access to sensitive areas and placing valuables
behind physical protection slows criminals down. They don’t want to be inside a
property for very long.

While it takes time for police to respond
to a break-in, even if an alarm system sounds, the longer a criminal is inside
a business, the more likely they are to be caught in the act. Physical security
makes it much more difficult to get into a business and leave with valuables
before police arrive.

For instance, installing gates in front of
shelves or at the ends of aisles prevents theft. It also increases the
likelihood of criminals being caught while reducing potential losses, even a
break-in occurs.

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