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Protecting Retail Assets with Security Cages

Security cages provide effective and
affordable security for retail stores and other properties, allowing you to
protect merchandise, inventory, and other assets. These physical tools make it
easy to secure items and keep them out of the hands of criminals, but still convenient
for authorized persons to access them when they’re needed.


When you lock items inside security gates, they
stay safe, but you can always see what’s inside. This makes it simple for staff
to look inside a cage, find what they’re looking for, and unlock the cage to
get the required item. Rather than searching through shelves inside a locked stockroom,
you can keep important inventory and assets close by without leaving them open
to thieves.

Uses for Security Cages

Security cages have a multitude of uses in retail stores and other businesses. One key benefit is that they drastically cut down on shoplifting. Criminals will often walk through stores, looking for opportunities to slip items into their pockets or bags when staff are not looking. They frequently target small items that are easy to conceal, but ones that are also high in value and/or can easily be resold on the black market for a profit.

When you lock these items inside security
cages, you prevent anyone from accessing them without consulting store staff. This
means that not only is shoplifting reduced, but customers must speak to staff
to request high-value items, giving staff the opportunity to discuss the
purchase with the customer, which can result in a better customer experience.

Locking items inside security cages is also
important for safety. Items such as tools, medication, alcohol, and other items
are often too dangerous to be left in the open on store shelves. However,
locking them away in a back room slows down the sales process and doesn’t let
potential customers see the items while browsing. Having them behind a physical
barrier means greater safety and security without sacrificing convenience.

The Benefits of Security Cages

Retail security cages are a strong tool
because they place a physical barrier between criminals and the items they wish
to steal. Unlike alarm systems or surveillance cameras, they prevent crime from
taking place. An alarm can alert the authorities and a camera can gather
evidence, but these tools often do not deter criminals. They know that it takes
time for the police to respond to an alarm and that they can hide their
identities by wearing hoods or scarves over their faces. However, tools like
security cages work as a visual and physical barrier. Criminals can immediately
see that they are in place, and thus know that it will be incredibly difficult
to commit a crime. Most criminals will move on to a different target rather
than struggle with physical tools and risk being caught in the act.

Security cages are strong, durable, and
easy to use. They are made from tubular steel and can be configured to fit into
a variety of locations and settings. They are designed to work for many years
even with heavy use and require little maintenance. They are also do not
require any special training to use properly, cutting down on a confusion among

Security cages are available in many
different configurations and options, so they are suitable for nearly every
retail location.

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