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Important Business Security Tips for Summer

The summer months are here and, while this is often a time for relaxation and enjoyment, it’s important to not let your guard down. Criminals know that the hot weather and the overall relaxed attitude that comes with summer often provides them with opportunities to strike.

Here are four ways that you can keep your business safe during the summer.

Lock Doors and Windows

During the hot summer, you might be tempted to leave more doors and windows open than usual to circulate air and cool your property down. However, criminals may see this as an invitation to commit crimes. If you leave a back door or a loading dock gate open for ventilation, a criminal could easily sneak in when no one is looking and rob your business. If a door or window is unattended, make sure that it’s secured.

A great way to protect your property while still allowing for air circulation is to install security gates. In many cases, these gates can be locked in place while a door or window remains open. This ensures security while also keeping your property cool. Security gates are a great option for warehouse doors or sliding doors on loading docks for this exact reason.

Prepare for Vacations

Many of your employees are likely going to take some time off during the summer. It’s important to plan for this and ensure that you have adequate coverage at all times. Criminals often take advantage of understaffed businesses to strike when there may not be enough people watching.

Don’t Leave Valuables Visible

Make sure your team leaves laptops, tablets, cash, and other valuables out of sight when your business is closed. There is more daylight during the summer, which means that there is a much greater likelihood of someone walking by your business and being able to see whatever valuables you have inside. If a criminal notices several expensive assets in plain sight, this could encourage them to strike.

Review Security Procedures

Make sure that your entire staff understands your company security policies and that they follow them correctly. Don’t assume that all staff members are currently following the right security procedures. Even if you’ve already trained staff on how to keep your business protected, it’s important to hold regular refreshers.

Conducting an overview of your company security procedures is especially important if you are going to hire seasonal staff. If you have staff members working at your business who are only planning on being there for a short time, it’s important to tell them how important security is to your business and to go over your company’s security plan right away so that the learn it from day one.

In many cases, crimes happen because staff do not properly secure a business. This is another reason why security gates are such an effective tool. They are very simple to lock into place and it’s obvious when they are locked correctly. This makes them a very effective – and easy to use – security tool for keeping your business safe.

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