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Securing Your Business During the Winter Months

Now that the winter weather has arrived in many regions, it’s important that businesses remember that security concerns change during this time of year. Security is not a static thing that remains the same regardless of the conditions outside. There are several winter security issues that business owners should address.

Here are some tips for protecting your business during the winter.

Increase Visibility

It’s no surprise that the days are shorter, and the nights are longer, during the winter. This increased darkness gives criminals more opportunities to strike. Obviously, no criminal wants to be caught in the act, so many choose to commit crimes at night, when they are less likely to be spotted. The winter gives them more hours in the day to do just that.

To protect your business, make sure that your property is adequately lit. Lighting not only makes it more difficult for criminals to hide, but is also makes it easier for security cameras to capture usable footage.

Know That Streets May Be Emptier

During the winter, the darkness and the cold can lead to more deserted streets. While, in warmer months, people may linger and window shop or take walks through commercial districts, this does not happen as often when the weather is freezing.

This means that there are fewer people around to witness crimes and catch criminals in the act. Criminals know this and they wait for the coast to be clear before they strike.

Protect your business with security gates. Physical security tools make it significantly more difficult for criminals to gain access to a location. While criminals may be more likely to attempt a break-in when there are fewer people around to witness the crime, they are less likely to do so when physical security tools (such as security gates) are in place.

Remove Obstructions

Snow drifts don’t just take up space on the sidewalk, but they also give criminals places to hide. Ice and snow can provide criminals with hiding places where they can wait for the right opportunity to strike. Be sure to clear large snow piles from your property for this reason.

Snow and ice can also build up and make it more difficult for your door to close properly. The lock on your business’ door could also freeze. This leaves your property vulnerable to criminals. Make sure to always check your doors and locks to ensure they’re working correctly.

Don’t Give Criminals Tools

During the winter, it’s more common to leave a snow shovel or ice scraper near the front door of your business. While this can make winter clean-up more convenient, it also gives criminals potential tools to work with.

Smash and grab robberies are very common and these crimes do not often involve sophisticated tools. A criminal can cause a lot of damage and potentially gain access to your property with a shovel or other similar tool. Lock these items inside your properly securely and use physical security gates to drastically reduce the effectiveness of smash and grab tactics.

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