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How to use hallway gates and other commercial security gates for access control at shopping malls, arenas, casinos, schools, offices, and various other properties.

Commercial access control

Using Commercial Security Gates for Access Control

Commercial security gates are very powerful tools for many reasons. One important reason is that they can be used in many different applications to provide security. When a lot of people think of gates, the picture that comes to mind is barrier protecting doors and windows from forced access. This is a strong way to use these gates, but stopping smash and grab robberies isn’t the only purpose of commercial security gates.

Providing access control is another way that physical barriers keep properties safe and secure. Most properties have areas that are off-limits and must be protected from visitors, strangers, and customers. In some cases these rooms hold valuables, in other cases they hold hazardous materials, and in some cases areas must be restricted for the purposes of crowd control. Whatever the reason, using hallway gates and other commercial security gates is an excellent way to restrict access as needed.

The Benefits of Commercial Security Gates for Access Control

Crowds can be difficult to control. In large format stores such as big box retailers and supermarkets, it’s tough to keep people away from off-limits areas. Signage tends to be ineffective and,while security guards often work, using them is very costly. In properties such as shopping malls, arenas, airports, and other very large venues, it simply isn’t cost-effective or practical to restrict access with only guards or surveillance cameras.

Security gates, on the other hand, can quickly be locked into place to reliably restrict access. Unlike guards, there are no hourly costs and gates also don’t require the monthly monitoring fees that come with alarm systems and surveillance cameras.

Commercial security gates work because they form a physical barrier. Anyone walking by immediately knows that an area is off-limits and that it will be very difficult to gain access. This not only restricts access but also deters crime.

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Gates aren’t just effective, they’re also versatile. Gates can easily be rolled or folded back so they’re out of the way when not in use, but quickly locked when security is needed. This is beneficial for situations where needs change throughout the day, such as a shopping mall where some retailers operate on different hours than others or in an arena where security adjustments must be made depending on the crowd sizes. Mobile security gates can even be moved around within a property as needs change throughout the

Plus, gates can be keyed alike making it easy for staff to operate them. When a security tool is easy to use, staff are more likely to use it correctly, which improves safety.

Applications of Commercial Security Gates to Control Access

There are various ways to use commercial security gates to keep a property safe. As mentioned, shopping malls and arenas can use them to adapt to changing conditions, but hallway gates and other commercial security gates can be used in many different properties.

For instance, schools can use security gates to restrict access to hallways and classroom areas. This keeps students and staff safe during the day and provides needed security at events like concerts and assemblies where members of the general public may be walkingaround the school.

Access control gates can also be used in offices and retail stores to protect sensitive areas like stock rooms, server rooms, and other private areas. Entire hallways can even be secured if necessary. Gates can be locked tight to keep unwanted people out, but they still allow for airflow and visual inspection.

There are a wide variety of applications for commercial security gates and the access control they provide is useful and important for nearly every business.

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