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Protecting Cosmetics and Beauty Supply Stores

If you own or operate a beauty or cosmetics store, it’s important to keep this location safe. Unfortunately, such stores are often targets for criminals. There are many reasons why, with the main reason being that criminals know these stores contain valuables that they can steal and easily take away from the scene in a matter of minutes.

Plus, assets taken from beauty and cosmetics stores (hair extensions, make-up, skin care products, etc.) can quickly be sold on the black market for profit. These products are difficult to track once they are stolen, which makes them a prime target for criminals.

How to Secure Beauty and Cosmetics Stores

The most efficient way to keep criminals out of your cosmetics or beauty supply store is to use physical security. Physical security tools place a strong, visible barrier between your property and criminals who wish to cause harm. By putting up a barrier in front of your doors and windows, you make it significantly more difficult and time consuming for a criminal to gain access. Criminals don’t want to spend a long time at a property. They know that the longer they remain at a scene, the greater the likelihood that they will be caught.

This is a big reason why smash and grab robberies are so common. In these crimes, criminals break through doors or windows, take valuables, and leave the scene in minutes. Sometimes a smash and grab robbery is over in just a few seconds. Even if an alarm sounds immediately and the police respond as quickly as they can, the criminals can still get away before the authorities arrive. When you install physical security gates, you make smash and grab robberies much more difficult to commit.

Physical security does not just protect your business from smash and grab robbers, but it also drastically reduces the risk of shoplifting. Locking small yet valuable items behind gates or inside locked cabinets makes it impossible for criminals to sneak these items into their bags or pockets. Instead, customers will have to get store staff to assist them, which drastically reduces the chances of shoplifting.

Another excellent way to reduce shoplifting is to train your staff to speak to every person who enters the store and anyone who appears to be suspicious. You don’t need to have a long conversation (and you certainly shouldn’t accuse anyone of a crime unless you actually see them commit a crime) but welcoming someone when they enter the store and asking them if they need any help if they have been inside for a long time doesn’t isn’t just good customer service, but it also prevents shoplifting.

When you speak to people in the store, this lets them know that you are aware of their presence and that you are watching them. Criminals are much less likely to commit crimes when they know someone is paying attention.

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