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All Business Owners Should Be Aware of These Security Flaws

Business security is important. Many business owners spend a lot of time worrying about security flaws and taking steps to protect their businesses. This makes sense. Theft, vandalism, and other crimes cost businesses millions of dollars each year. The financial losses associated with these crimes can even cause a business to shut down.

However, there are some security flaws that many business owners overlook. Here are five things that you should certainly be aware of when it comes to business security.

Data Security

Criminals don’t just want to steal physical goods. Data, either in the form of printed documents or as information stored on a computer, is incredibly valuable. Many businesses have customer data and business financial data stored in filing cabinets and various computers throughout the property. This information is a common target for criminals.

Make sure that all of your computers are running up-to-date operating systems, that anti-virus and anti-spyware software is installed, and that all users understand proper data security protocol. This includes making sure that everyone has strong passwords (not “1234” or “password”) and that employees understand what data is confidential and how this data should be treated. Some employees may copy sensitive data to personal devices to work on it outside of work, but this can be a huge security risk. Make sure that everyone understands the policies and works to keep data safe.

Physical information should be kept inside locked cabinets and behind locked doors.

Employee Theft

No business owner wants to believe that his or her employees would steal from the company, but this does unfortunately happen. Employee theft takes many forms.  It could be stealing from the cash register or taking merchandise off of the shelves. It could be pocketing money that should go to the business. It could even mean colluding with “customers” or vendors to steal items or deliberately undercharge for merchandise.

In order to stop employee theft, it’s important to have a clear policy in place and to act when theft is suspected. You will also want to make sure that new employees are always working with more experienced and trusted employees. Finally, you can keep an eye on your business by installing security cameras or by stopping by unexpectedly to watch staff work in person.

Lack of Physical Security

Many businesses aren’t properly prepared when it comes to physical security. They may have locks on the doors, but have they also installed security gates on the windows? Are all entrances secured or just the main one? Is valuable merchandise kept behind gates or inside locked cabinets? Smash and grab robberies are common and, in these crimes, criminals will take the path of least resistance, even if it means forcefully smashing through a second-floor window. By installing physical security tools, you keep your location safe.


Fraud can take many forms. It can be perpetrated by vendors, customers, and even employees. This is why it’s important to keep accurate records and to ensure that all employees are aware of all business policies. You will also want to ensure that you have a business insurance policy that covers fraud.

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