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Keeping Schools Safe with Access Control

It’s nearly back-to-school time, and that means people all over the country are preparing to return to the classroom. Schools are supposed to be safe places where children can learn and grow without fear. However, too often, schools are targeted by criminals.

School security can be drastically improved by using access control tools to keep criminals outside. This protects children, keeps them safe, and lets them focus on their work.

Physical Security for Access Control

Using physical security gates is an excellent way to control access to any property, including a school. Physical security gates are effective because they place a strong visual barrier between criminals and your property. Unlike security cameras or alarm systems, physical gates stop criminals from entering a building.

Security gates can quickly and easily be locked into place, they can be keyed alike so that staff do not have to fumble with a number of different keys to unlock them, and they restrict access while not obscuring sight. This is important, because you want to ensure clear sightlines in a school.

The ease of use of security gates is a major reason why they are such a good choice for securing a school or other large building. When you are protecting a property the size of a school, you don’t want your security process to be especially difficult or time-consuming. With security gates, keeping a school safe is quick and easy.

How Physical Security Gates Protect Schools

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There are many ways that physical security can be used to restrict access and provide protection in a school. The first is by installing gates on doorways and windows. There are many advantages to doing this. One, is that it keeps schools safe during the evening. Criminals frequently target schools looking to steal electronics such as computers and tablet, as well as other valuables. If you protect your school with security gates, you drastically reduce the likelihood of these crimes.

Security gates can also keep criminals out during the day. After all students have entered the school in the morning, gates can be locked into place to protect doors and windows and stop unwanted entry. You can leave one or two entrances open to allow students to freely enter and exit the school, and these entrances can be watched by school staff and/or security guards. Protecting a school in this manner allows you to use fewer resources as you have fewer entrances to watch over. Unknown visitors will immediately be spotted and criminals will be caught before they can commit a crime. This shows how security gates make visitor management much more effective.

Physical security gates can also be used to secure hallways and restrict access. This can be incredibly beneficial during events when the general public is allowed into the school, such as during concerts and assemblies. Mobile security gates can easily be moved and locked into place to secure hallways, administrative offices, classrooms, and other areas that are off limits while still allowing free movement to and from the auditorium.

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